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Pom's family continued to watch the battle unfold, and the Ambipom had a clear advantage over the Torchic. Everything Cayenne did, Pom was able to counter to perfection, eliciting admiring murmurs from his son and daughter, right down to blocking Bounce with a perfectly executed Mega Punch! This, however, sent Cayenne flying out of the arena, and the Axew who'd been cheering for him was quite forcibly brought along for the ride! The two of them crash-landed into a couch and then tumbled to the ground.

"Whoa!" Leo exclaimed. "Dad's amazing!"

"I told ya!" grinned Eon. And with that, the pair of Eevee jumped down off of Cyanide's back and dashed towards Pom. Cyanide ran after them, though wasn't in time to stop them from jumping up on the Ambipom. "DADDY~" squealed Eon. "That was so awesome, your Water Pulse is super strong-"

"You're amazing, Dad!" Leo chimed in. "That Torchic didn't stand a chance!"

"Alright, you two, take it easy," Cyanide smirked, approaching the trio of Normal-types. "Let him check on that Torchic and Axew, alright?"

"Alright, Mom," sighed Leo, jumping back down to the floor. Eon did likewise as well.

Cyanide nodded her approval, then smiled at Pom. "Hey," she greeted him.


Anna smiled as she remarked on how Keith and Willa had more experience than she did, but her voice betrayed a tinge of disappointment. Willa was quick to pick up on this. "Everybody starts somewhere," she said. "Even having had my Yanmega for as long as I have, I wouldn't dare call myself an especially experienced Trainer. Just today, in fact, was the first time I caught a Pokémon by my own doing- I caught Yanma with my mother's assistance and careful guidance, and Eelektross was a gift." As she spoke, she produced an Ultra Ball and opened it up, unleashing a Mawile into the room. "But this Mawile is the first Pokémon I've caught since coming to Fizzytopia," she stated."

"Maw..." murmured Mawile, eyeing up the Pokémon nearby, seemingly sizing them up.


Anion shrugged as Jack explained they were playing crazy eights, and grinned just as slyly as Voltaire offered to teach her. "I'd love that," she responded. "And hey, I've never been one to turn down a shot at bragging rights, so count me in," she added.

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