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It didn't take long for Cayenne to get back on his feet, the Torchic nearly bursting with energy as he ran down the battlefield, his beak glowing a bright white. Pom seemed unusually calm considering the circumstances, simply watching as the chick Pokemon grew closer and closer.

Finally, once Cayenne had come into range, Pom swung his tails at the Torchic, one after the other! Like an annoying Cutiefly, the chick Pokemon was swatted away by the powerful Double Hit! By this point Cayenne was looking more then a little annoyed as he sprung back off the ground.

"No fair no fair!" The chick Pokemon exclaimed as he started to jump up and down. For every attack the fire type threw at Pom, the Ambipom would easily avoid, or even counter with one of his own. It was no wonder the Torchic was irritated!

Finally, after hopping up and down several times, Cayenne Bounced high into the air, a determined cry escaping him as he sailed back downwards!

Unfortunately for Cayenne, Pom had been expecting such a maneuver, especially after all the jumping the Torchic had been doing. In preparation for the fire types descent, the hand on Pom's right tail curled up into the shape of a fist, and a harsh white light soon surrounded it.

After a few moments, Pom threw his tail forward, hooking the right side of Cayenne's body and sending the poor Torchic flying out of the arena from the force of the powerful Mega Punch!

The Axew cheering for Cayenne let out a shriek, for she had somehow managed to have been caught by the Torchic as he flew through the air! Together the two Pokemon crashed into one of the nearby couches, before tumbling to the ground.

Pom's eyes widened as he scaled the fence separating himself from his teammates.
"Are you two alright?" He asked, still completely clueless at the presence of three others in the room.
Anna nodded along as both Keith and Willa explained when they had become trainers. "It sounds like you both have a lot more experience then I do at all this." Anna continues to smile, though her voice holds a slight disappointment to it. Of all the trainers the grass type specialist knew, each had something over her. Whether it was experience, or in the case of her brother Lukas, a natural talent. Anna would be lying if she said it wasn't a little disheartening.

Before long the topic shifts slightly, to the first Pokemon each of them had met. And of course, which Pokemon Anna had met first.

"'s...kind of complicated." Anna began, letting out a small chuckle. "I...technically owned a Torchic at one time, but I gave him away to someone who suited him better..." The young woman paused for a moment, her face slightly red as she seemed to recall something. "I consider Leif here to be my first Pokemon though. Robin actually helped me catch him." She finished, gesturing to the Sewaddle.

"Waddle." The grass type nodded, waving one of it's stubby legs to the guests.
Both Jack and Voltaire nodded once more as Anion continued to explain herself. Eventually the conversation turned to the game the two electric types had been playing before the Minun's arrival.

"We're playing crazy eights." Jack smiled. "I don't know if you've heard of it before."

"I can always teach you if you haven't." Voltaire offered, a sly smile stuck on his face. "It's really easy for the most part. But have an extra house rule."

"Winner gets the pot!" Jack exclaimed, gesturing to the pile of tokens to the side of the table. "They're not worth actual pokedollars or anything like that though."

Voltaire nodded. "Just bragging rights really."
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