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Luckily for Cyanide and her children, there were no more obstacles on their way to the apparent location of Pom. Down the left hall of the bottom floor...that would be where the battle arena was. Even before reaching the room, sounds of an ongoing battle could be heard all the way down the hall.

The trio would arrive in the room just in time to witness a Torchic leap into the air! With a cry, the chick Pokemon unleashed a storm of Embers from his beak! The red hot flames were aimed directly at his opponent, a very familiar looking Ambipom! Much too focused on the battle, Pom hadn't yet noticed Cyanide or the others, his sights fixed on the bits of fire quickly approaching!

Thinking fast, the normal type dashed forward, embers flying overhead as he brought his twin tails together, forming a ball of water between them. With a smirk on his face, Pom flung the sphere of water forward, causing the Torchic in front of him to cry out as the Water Pulse sent him crashing into the podium behind him.

"Cayenne, you've still got this!" An Axew exclaimed from the sidelines, hopping up and down as she continued to cheer for the Torchic.
"A trainer?" Anna questioned, sounding slightly confused, her mind completely scrambled after the previous topic. "Oh! Yes! Yes I am." She nods after a moment, causing the Sewaddle on her shoulder to let out a slightly exaggerated sigh.

"I haven't been at it for very long, but I already have a few I'm training to the best of my abilities." Anna smiled, taking the time to adjust the sunhat on her head. It seemed the change of topic was enough to put her at ease, if only slightly.
Jack's eyes widened considerably as Anion launched into a rant about Minun and Plusle. The Togedemaru turned to Voltaire, who gave him a simple shrug as the tirade continued.

"Look...I'm sorry." Jack apologized once the Minun had slowed down. "I..didn't realize that kind of thing bothered you. It's just...whenever I've seen a Minun, a Plusle ain't far behind. Like a Volbeat and Illumise."

"For what it's worth, I agree with you one hundred percent Anion." Voltaire grinned. "You're already perfect just as you are, no Plusle needed."
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