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Olivia had decided to discard her brown robes. She was getting used to living in the present, and she needed to do her best to blend in with the rest of the people that stormed the streets of this era. A woman at the festival had convinced her to buy some sort of garb that she was unfamiliar with... but she saw plenty of people around the festival wearing something similar. It made her stick out far less than her hooded robe, so she decided to buy it and put it on.

She was familiar with New Fizz City. She could remember busting through the time rift and flying over the crowded city on the evening she escaped. Yet that felt like another lifetime at this point... something that lingered in her mind but was almost intangible at this point. She glanced in the direction of the rift, only to see it covered by a banner of a Dratini.

Probably for the best. She mused to herself, knowing how bad it would be if a child or Pokemon stumbled into it. Actually, she herself had grown fond of dragon Pokemon since her departure from Greca. Her mother had always appreciated the creatures, but she often found herself afraid of their frighteningly large proportions. But now, she found herself craving the raw strength that the creatures emitted. As it was something she herself needed to approach her new life with elegance and grace.

She turned to her horde of dragons that hopped behind the young woman. Despite their small size (practically infants), she could see the concerned glances that the festival goers were tossing her way. Her Jangmo-o, Gible, Charmander, and Axew hopped behind her excitedly --- looking at the various attractions that the festival held. Alke, who had practically become the big sister of the group, lead the way. The orange lizard's flame tail swung back and forth as she pointed various banners and decorations with the faces of herself and her friends on them. Asteria clung to Olivia's ponytail, her small hands clutching the large red bow that rested in Olivia's hair. The bat Pokemon narrowed her eyes, hungrily awaiting the chance to get any sort of food into her stomach. Finally, she spotted a table of dumplings. Her small mouth opened, leaping from Olivia's ponytail and gliding to the table --- clamping her tiny mouth around the dumpling.

"Asteria!" Olivia called, knowing full well that the creature had just taken off. Olivia rushed in the direction of the small bat. Her other Pokemon immediately saw the opportunity, scouting out the various events that they could see.

Bia and Kydoimos ran off together, hunting a strange smell that seemed to lure them in. They found a strange oval shaped device emitting a smell. It had the kanji for "luck" placed upon it. Bia glanced around before swiping it, running off with Kydoimos as fast as their small legs could carry them.

Meanwhile, Typhon noticed a small spherical ball rolling around on the ground. He chased it for a few meters, tracing it's path amongst the feet of the crowd. Once he finally caught up with it, he held a discarded Net Ball in his tiny blue hands. He glanced around, trying to figure out if someone had lost it. Upon deciding it was his now, he bit it, working it around in his strong jaws.

Alke, realizing that her friends were probably getting into trouble, rushed after them --- trying to round them all up. Olivia joined in, the chubby purple bat in her hands from all the rice dumplings she had shoved in her mouth. She rushed around, gripping the Pokemon by the scruffs of their neck. Once her Pokemon were returned to her, she was given a red envelope by a young girl.

"A thank you for taming the dragons!" The girl piped up, rushing back into the crowd. Olivia smiled, clutching the envelope and ushering her dragons back home.


Thanks for the event Alice! I love getting all my dragons together.

Asteria ate the Zongzi! Asteria learned MT Heat Wave!
Olivia obtained a Net Ball!
Olivia obtained a Luck Incense!
Olivia obtained $500!

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