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Cyanide's search for Pom had barely started before it was put on hold. For when the Umbreon reached the bottom of the stairs, she'd notice a Luxio blocking the way forward! The spark Pokemon glanced up at the Umbreon and Eevee siblings, looking slightly confused. "Where are you all going in such a hurry? Wait...have we met before?" Lenna tilted her head, still blocking the way to the basement floors.
Anna nodded along as Keith recalled a time when his place was first under construction. She had never had any experience with having to install warp panels, but the young woman imagined such a task could be quite tricky.
"Sounds like quite the experience." Anna gave a half-hearted laugh. It was clear to see that she still wasn't a hundred percent sure of the guests before her.

"Sewaddle." Leif added, his eyes holding a slightly more curious look to them compared to that of Benny or his trainer.

While Anna remained slightly guarded around both Keith and Willa, nothing would have quite prepared her for the question about to be asked.

"W-what?!" Anna stammered at Willa's inquiry. Her face flushed red for several seconds as she shook her head hastily. "N-no! I..think you have the wrong idea! Why would-"

"Anna is simply visiting. She doesn't live too far from here." Benny interrupted, hoping his explanation would be enough to help move the conversation along.
Voltaire seemed to be concentrating rather closely on the game at hand. So much so that the Emolga simply didn't notice as Anion snuck up behind him. It wasn't until Anion asked what was being played that Voltaire responded, answering the Minun's question with a loud yelp! The Emolga threw his cards into the air, completely startled by the sudden presence behind him. He whipped around, his expression instantly softening as he realized just who it was.

"O-oh. Anion. I...didn't realize you were there." The Emolga rubbed at his head, looking rather sheepish. "When did you arrive? I would have thought a cuti-"

"Hello!" The Togedemaru behind Voltaire chirped, interrupting whatever cheesy line the Emolga was about to deliver. "I don't think we've met! Are you new around here?"

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