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Keith, Willa, and the Pokémon looked around as they entered. Keith could see a pair of familiar Pikaclones playing some sort of card game, at which the Emolga appeared to be losing. There were several boxes piled up in the corners, and there was a large Wailmer doll with a decidedly real Mudkip atop it. And there was a Battle Royal being shown on TV, a style of battle that was popular in Alola- basically a four-way Pokémon fight.

Cyanide, however, didn't give a Raticate's ass about any of this, because Pom wasn't among the many things she could see in the room. "Breon. Umbreon!" she said curtly to the humans before taking off for the stairs, with the intention of searching the house for the one reason she wanted to come here in the first place. Eon and Leo were still clinging to her back as she went.

Keith and Willa nodded and thanked Anna as they took seats before the TV. "It's fine," Keith assured Anna. "You should've seen my place when it was first being built. All sorts of delays and complications, had a little argument with supposedly qualified warp panel technicians from Silph, and... well, let's just say my Barbaracle's no longer allowed to drink Fiery Fizzybrew Beer," he chuckled.

Willa, meanwhile, looked around at all the boxes, then back at Anna. "Are you moving in?" she inquired.

At this time, the Fast Ball on Keith's belt burst open, allowing the Minun within to emerge. Anion looked around, and grinned as she spotted a certain Emolga. Slowly, stealthily, as noiselessly as a Crobat in flight, she came up behind him, then peered over his shoulder at his cards. "Whatcha playing?" she asked nonchalantly.
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