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The woman seemed skeptical, hesitant. Not that either Keith or Willa could blame her- she did, after all, only just meet them, and even if Robin had at any point mentioned Keith to this person, she wouldn't even have met Willa yet herself. Willa, meanwhile, looked quite understanding of Anna's skepticism, all too familiar with the unwillingness to take mere words at face value.

And then came a familiar sight. Keith grinned as they were greeted by the Lickitung he remembered seeing back at Albus's party. "Hey, Shibo," Keith greeted the Normal-type. And then came quite the shock- this woman's Snover could talk, just like Meowth could! And thank Arceus he could, too- he translated for Shibo, telling Anna that the Lickitung was vouching for the visitors. This, it seemed, was sufficient for Anna to believe them, for she introduced herself as another friend of Robin's, and invited them all inside. "Thanks very much," Keith smiled. "Nice to meet you, Anna."

"Indeed," agreed Willa as the group made their way inside.

Cyanide gave a small nod to Shibo as she and her kids made their way inside. She wasted no time in looking around, hoping to see any sign of Pom. Eon and Leo looked around as well, brimming with curiosity about this unfamiliar place and excitement at the prospect of seeing their dad again.
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