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Anna sighed, slowly flicking through the various channels on the tv. Documentaries, reality shows, Pokeringer, murder mysteries. The young woman watched as each flickered by, remaining on the screen for only a few seconds before she tapped the "next channel" button.

"Are you actually going to watch anything?" Benny asked, speaking in perfect english. The Snover was getting rather fed up at the constant channel rotation. This had to have been the third or fourth time the ice type was seeing each show.

"Sew-Sewaddle." Leif murmured from his trainer's shoulder. And while Anna couldn't quite understand what he was saying, it wasn't hard to guess based on his tone.

"There's nothing good on is the problem." Anna grumbled. "I just...want to do something." She turned, glancing to the stairs in the corner of the room. "How long do you think she's going to be anyways?"

Benny shrugged. "Who really knows. She's been down there for a while now. Perhaps it would be best to check to make sure everything is all right?"

"I'll......give it a bit longer." Anna replied, sounding slightly disappointed in her own answer. "If she's not up here in five minutes though I swear I'll-"


Anna and her Pokemon glanced around, the sudden noise enough to interrupt the conversation they'd been having.

"Seems to be coming from outside." Benny turned to the door, just in time for another loud noise to escape from it.

The grass type specialist furrowed her brow, slowly rising from the couch. "Who could that be? Lukas?" No sooner had the words escaped her mouth did Anna let out a loud chuckle. No. Knowing her brother, he would let himself in, not even bothering to knock. Was it perhaps Owen then? Her father? What Anna definitely wasn't expecting as she swung open the door was two complete strangers, with an Umbreon, Meowth and two Eevee to boot.

Anna blinked, looking more then a little confused at the group before her. It was rare for Isshin village to get visitors, let alone people who came to a secret base such as this.

"Sewaddle?" Leif tilted his head, sharing his trainers confusion.

" there anything I can help you with?" Anna asked, trying her best to hide her bewilderment with a warm smile.
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