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The Dragon Boat Festival. A tradition dating back two millennia, and yet this was the first Keith had ever heard of it. But the person with whom he was attending this festival had certainly heard of it before, or at least of its origins, and had convinced her boyfriend to hear the story and check out the festival with her.

"...and rather than live in shame and see what would become of his former home as a result of the war, he instead chose to die in the great river," Willa was saying to Keith as the two of them traveled down the river towards where the festival was being held. "The people were saddened by his passing, for his poetry was very much revered. They tried to retrieve his body from the river, but were unable to do so. So they prayed to Arceus to keep his spirit safe, threw offerings into the water, and banged drums to try and keep the river's Pokémon away from his body and soul."

"Wow," Keith murmured. "Not only did I not know any of that, but I also never knew there was a whole festival devoted to it. This is actually pretty cool."

"WISHI," rumbled Keith and Willa's ride, for as anyone looking on would be able to see, the couple was riding on the back of the formidable form of a School Form Wishiwashi.

"Heh, even Zygill's sounding ready for this," Keith grinned. "Onward, then, Zygill!"

And onward Zygill went! Before long, they reached the spot where the festival was taking place, and the not-so-Small Fry pulled up alongside the shore, allowing Keith and Willa to disembark. At that point, Zygill seemed to fall apart- quite literally. The multitudes of Wishiwashi what that made up the School Form scattered, leaving only one for Keith to scoop up in his hand.


>O >O >O
>O >O >O
>O >O >O

Zygill stopped schooling!
With that settled, they set off to enjoy the festival. Since Dragon-types were a big deal in this festival, Keith had brought along Norbert and Neville, his Haxorus and Dragalge, as well as Charlie and Rob, his Charizard and Salandit- while not actual Dragon-types, the two of them were absolutely dragons at heart. Also, Keith knew that if ever he got his hands on the right Mega Stone, Charlie could become a Dragon-type in battle. And Rob, being Charlie's son, was likewise a dragon at heart.

Charlie roared loudly, charging up a terrific Dragon Pulse in his mouth before firing it into the air. Once it was up there, the Charizard sent a tiny Ember after it, causing it to explode in midair, in a decent approximation of a fireworks display.

"Salaaaaan..." Rob murmured, eyes sparkling with wonder at what his dad was capable of. The Toxic Lizard Pokémon tried to mimic what Charlie just did, but merely managed to spit up some sludge instead. But this did not deter him, something Charlie took notice of.

"Hey, check it," Meowth said to Keith and Willa. "Looks like Rob's tryin' ta learn a new move."

Indeed, Rob was looking undeterred by the constant failure. He looked up at Charlie, who charged up another Dragon Pulse, this one slower and more deliberate, to try and show the Salandit how it was done. But try as Rob might, nothing came of his attempts to copy this. However, one passerby who was observing this knelt down and offered a zongzi to Rob, saying that a snack might help him out. Willa was a bit wary of this, and indeed, Charlie swiped the zongzi and sniffed it intently. However, the Charizard gave an approving nod and handed the dumpling to his son. This, Keith felt, was good enough for him.

Rob scarfed down the zongzi, a move he seemed to instantly regret, considering how it tasted- the Salandit was not a fan of sweet foods. He started gagging, almost as though he was about to throw up... and then, suddenly, he threw back his head and shot a picture-perfect Dragon Pulse straight up into the air!

"Heeeeey!" Keith grinned. "Rob just learned how to use Dragon Pulse!"

"Salan!" Rob exclaimed triumphantly. As though to reassure himself that this hadn't been a fluke, he shot a few more Dragon Pulses up in quick succession. And Charlie, taking the cue, launched Embers at all of them, creating an even better fireworks display than he'd been able to do.

There was a lot more to do, but one thing they all wanted to give a try was floating a boat down the river. Keith and Willa couldn't agree on a Dragon-type to make the boat resemble, so they agreed to each make their own boat instead, and float them together. In the end, Keith had made his boat in the likeness of a Dragalge, while Willa's looked like a Sliggoo. And as the couple set their boats in the water side by side, Zygill wriggled out of Keith's grip and landed in the water behind the boats, clapping his tiny fins together to give the crafts a Helping Hand.

"That was nice of you, Zygill," Keith smiled after this happened.

"W-w-wishi! Wishiwashi!!" Zygill squeaked happily in response.

"So, shall we head on out now?" asked Willa.

"Sure," Keith nodded. "Zygill, feeling up to the return trip?"

Zygill nodded. "Wishiwash!" he declared, his eyes gleaming brightly. And then, just like that, there came the hundreds of Wishiwashi zooming right back to Zygill, forming the formidable fishy formation that was once more!


>O >O >O
>O >O >O
>O >O >O

Zygill formed a school!
Of course, with the evening ahead of them totally free, Keith and Willa were in no real hurry to get anywhere, and ended up hanging around a little while longer just sitting around on Zygill before the School Form Wishiwashi finally headed out to take them both back to Sludge Wave Coast.

OOC: Cool event! Thanks, Alice!

*Obtained the Zongzi!*

*Obtained the Net Ball!*

*Obtained the Wave Incense!*

*Obtained the Hongbao! It contained 500! Thank you!*

Feeding the Zongzi to my Salandit.

*Rob learned the MT move Dragon Pulse!*

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