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Get!: HEARTBEAT (Steam)

This game is so cute??? It's a little darling RPGMaker game that I first heard of about two years ago. It's finally out and I'm enjoying it! It came out in December but I was in school lmao

+ It's cute
+ Music is good
+ It's graphically really nice (pixel art is my weakness)
+ It's LONG??? I'm 7 hours in and I'm pretty sure I'm only like a quarter in from the achievement list.

- It's probably the most repetitive RPG I've ever played (story and battle wise) Fight a monster. Turns out Monster has problem. Help monster. Find another monster that can also help. Fight a boss. Monster's are now happy and calmed
- The main character is kinda lame

Playing: Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix
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Critical Mode? More like "why do I hate myself"?

I haven't played KH2 since like... 2010ish? I beat 3 within a week of release and wanted to replay the other games. My friend (who has played KH2 four times THIS YEAR) convinced me to play critical mode and I am suffering.

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