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Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
Still...I wouldn't crush on a woman who has a clear addiction to human growth hormone.
You're entitled to your desperately wrong and extremely weird opinion, but let's look at the facts:
  • As someone who also suffers from monomania and emotional unavailability Kahili is my sister from another mister, but those aren't exactly qualities you look for in a romantic partner. That and your life would most likely become a circle of hell where your ironic punishment is having the Golf Channel on 24/7.

  • 10 year-old trainer:
    Olivia: Did you know that I haven't fucked in almost three years

  • Lusamine absolutely has shit in her basement that would get her tried in the Hague, and that's before considering that she spawned the world's saddest edgelord and KAWAII DESU NE UGUU~
"It does not matter anymore. We cannot change the past. The future will have to do."
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