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Almost done with FF1. Had to restart due to my session crashing, so I went this time with two Fighters/two Black Belts thinking it would be easier.

Early game it was, but very quickly the Fighters became a drag. Even right now without the very top top equipment, the Black Belts do like four times as much damage, at least. My strongest Black Belt was able to OHKO Kraken at Level 41 (800 HP, 60 Absorb). The Fighters couldn't really touch him at Level 30.

Moreover, having pure Black Belts is better. Due to the Magic Defense bug, you need to level your Black Belts to Level 50 before class change, so they get perfect Magic Defense and don't need a Ribbon (which resets their Absorb to 1). But for the Fighters, their best equipment is class-restricted, requiring them to upgrade to Knight to get the big damage and heavy protection equips. So I'm in a weird spot where I can't level the Fighters past 37 (without them losing their Spell classes) but I need my Black Belts to Level 50.

The asymmetric items also make this a problem. I think the ideal setup is one Fighter with three Black Belts if you use the Ribbon bug, since the Fighter can have the heaviest stuff and resist 5 of the 8 elements (weak only to Earth, Status, Time). Next best would be Fighter with Ribbon, heavy stuff and naked Black Belts.

Two Fighters make it more of a problem. One Fighter has to go with second-rate equipment and there is resistance redundancy.

Also, I'm going to give one of my Fighters the Thor Hammer and the other Zeus Gauntlets, because I need AOE as an all-physical team. Having two LIT2 casts is more important than damage at this point given how not-as-good the Fighters are at it.
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