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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
Time: 63:51:27
Not the DQ8 successor I was expecting but still a really dang good DQ. For the first 41 hours. The next 15 were a huge drag. Then after that it was back to being good through to the end! As opposed to what many other peeps say, I thought the soundtrack was nice. Composer may be a shitstain but its not reflected in the music. The difficulty was much more even than in other DQs and so was the economy. I never sold a single item, had enough money to get things as needed, and barely had to seek out materials to use with the forge. Jumping, running, auto-save, patches... lotsa new to DQ features sooo anyone that claims its a relic is weird causes theres lotsa modern stuff in there. Supposedly the post-games content rich but over 60 hours was enough for me. I may check that down the road though.

Super Bomberman R
Time: 2:38:33
I haven't played to many Bomberman games but I know by reputation their single player modes usually suck & drag on much to long. Not the case here! Averaged 20 some minutes per world and thanks to their being difficulty options it was much more painless than others! I dunno why theres a slight camera tilt by default, but I figured out quickly you could make it normal topdown an that helped alot! The grind to get all the unlocks seems harrowing but given the short time I spent with it so far it makes sense I didn't make much moneys. Prolly get way more through the battle mode! In the end its Bomberman, these games have always been pretty samey an this ones no different, but since I haven't played one in a long while it filled a nice lil gap in my lineup!
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