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I have a vastly differing opinion on the series thus far.

Currently, I feel the show is dull and meandering. I think the biggest issue is that slime doesn't have any goal or purpose. He just kind of goes from one problem to the next and he really has no reason to care, but does it so anyway. Add in the fact that this is truly an isekai, he's so overpowered that the action has no tension. So I generally find Rimuru to be a flat character overall.

Spoiler: show
The series kind of ignores any reasoning for events. Things just kind of happen and Rimuru has to solve the problem. A lot of things feel like they're set in motion because of the disappearance of Veldora, but there's no follow through to justify that that is the reasoning.

So how exactly does Veldora's disappearance lead to Dire Wolves attacking the Goblins? Veldora was trapped inside a bubble inside a cave, he can't exactly come out and protect the goblins in any sense. And you can't say Veldora's energy kept monsters away because the cave itself is filled with powerful-ish monsters. And if it did keep strong monsters away, why wouldn't it keep the goblins away too? It doesn't make much sense.

A more sensible reason would be that Veldora's magical energies kept the region of the forest plentiful. They do state that Veldora's energy was the reason for all the magicite in the cave, so it makes sense that that same energy would have other benefits to the land. Like his energy caused plants to grow better and prey animals would be attracted to that and thus more food in general. And with Veldora gone, maybe there's less prey to feed both groups so the wolves decide to kill the goblins to make up for the diminished resources. But there's no signs of this.

So why did the wolves attack? Because we needed a reason for Rimuru to be a hero. There's not really much other reason I can fathom.

The entire dwarf city story was entirely lame. He just shows up and solves literally every problem. Miners injured? Here's some magic healing potion. Need to make magic swords? Let me poop some out. Rimuru needs some craftsman? Good thing that noble insulted Rimuru and that Dwarf got himself exiled so he can now work for Rimuru. Things just fall into place.

Shizue... She was somewhat interesting, but it was pretty obvious what was going to happen. When she flinched in front of the giant ant, it was pretty much confirmed. When they revealed her as Rimuru's fated partner, I sort of figured that he'd copy her. Why? Because the OP showed him with a humanoid form that looks just like her.

When they revealed her in the... uh... Elf Hostess Club, I thought she would give Rimuru more purpose. Like, "Oh these Dwarves are now here to show you guys stuff and I made you all powerful by naming you. Now I'm going go on a quest and find my girl." But no. She just shows up shortly afterwards. And dies immediately.

During her dying scene, I thought she would have passed some kind of request or give him some kind of purpose. Maybe find the hero girl or the guy that summoned her. Nope. Just eat me and become an androgynous humanoid.

The whole Ogres and Orcs and... ugh... Lizardfolk *insert terrible flashbacks to Overlord* arc coming up might have something happen. I don't have very high expectations though. Rimuru will probably just wipe them out with his Black Lightning or Black Flame explosions. Maybe reveal a demon is pushing the Orcs to war and he fights the demon or something.

Why does Rimuru care about helping others? It's very noble and such, but he doesn't really have any reason to stick around and help the Goblins or Wolves or Ogres. He helped save his co-worker and girlfriend, so we know he's a nice guy, but that doesn't really justify him helping literal aliens. The only thing we really know is that he's an otaku that played porn games and was a loner to some extent. He wasn't like a former charitable guy who helped the homeless or do volunteer missionary work or some such. He's just a nerd (because the audience is expected to be one) and he just lived a lonely life.

Ultimately if we got more information about Rimuru in his past life as to why he is doing what he's doing, I might enjoy the series better. Maybe like he used to be lonely all the time, so now he has a lot of companions and he wants to protect that. It's pretty lame, but it's better than the nothing I'm getting now. Maybe he liked to play Civ games and now wants to make his own country. Something... anything...

TL;DR - The show is an isekai with the hook of the main character being a slime. Main character is aimless and the bulk of the show is boring.
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