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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
King Ghidorah- After pondering on it for a moment, you decide the best course of action is indeed to pair with the young Sirunsan. Archie seemed delighted, while Arnold gave a reassuring nod, certain you had made the right choice.

"You won't regret this Hugo, I'm one of the best trackers in the tribe and I've studied the map of the Wrath so much I see it when I close my eyes." Archie's skills were sure to benefit you, but there was no telling how things would play out in the Winter's Wrath. "You see the dangerous thing about the Winter's Wrath is how cold it gets. The closer you get to the centre, the more likely you are to be turned into a human ice cube. I'd advise you against using any Pokemon weak to Ice type moves, they'll succumb to the Bittercold much faster than others."

Soon a horn sounds and everyone moves off, heading back towards the edge of the Winter's Wrath where you had almost foolishly entered. You spot the other two Sirunsan walking side by side, it seems this had indeed turned into a competition between two pairs. Arnold presents you with a thick fur cloak, much the same as the ones the Sirunsan are wearing. "It'll help keep out the cold for a while", the old man smiles, patting you on the shoulder.

Elder calls all four of you to line up just outside the first line of trees. "Head off as you hear the horn, return with what you seek or don't return at all." Did he mean that? If you weren't successful, would Archie not be allowed to return to his tribe? Before you can ask the horn sounds and the two larger Sirunsan sprint into the forest.

"Come on Hugo", Archie beckons as he rushes into the Winter's Wrath. Following the young Sirunsan, you quickly begin to realize why it wasn't a good idea to enter the Wrath alone. It was noticeably colder here and the snow was falling heavy, obscuring your vision. "We need fire", Archie was right, fire would be helpful here. "The other two won't even bother, it'll be too hard for them but if we can get some torches going it will give us a clear advantage."

Bittercold stage 1: The winter chill will cause frequent damage to pokemon vulnerable or sensitive to the cold, with ice-weak pokemon and certain cold-sensitive pokemon taking an Icy Wind's worth of damage per update.

Hugo thought for a moment. The cold winds were brutal, there was no questioning that. But from the moment the Elder had described the tasks he would be required to complete, Hugo knew exactly who he would call upon to assist in the trial.

“Torches, you say?” Hugo said to Archie as he began inspecting the ground for sticks suitable for such use. “If we can build them, I have someone in mind who could help.”

“What kind of name is Archie?” Hugo thought to himself. “For being a relatively primitive group, “Archie” certainly seemed like a fairly modern name. What’s the deal with this guy? Maybe I’ll think about more when my testicles aren’t about to freeze solid.”

Hugo gathered several bundles of sticks from the ground and handed one bunch to Archie, keeping one for himself. “Just give me a second here.” Hugo pulled a Pokeball from his waist and pressed the center button. A loud “awooooooo” echoed throughout the forest before the creature could even materialize, causing the hair on the back of Hugo’s neck to stand on end. Houndoom appeared next to Hugo, the hellhound panting heavily and rubbing her horns against her trainer. Hugo affectionately stroked the fur atop the Dark Pokemon’s head which she greatly appreciated, but snarled viciously as soon she caught sight of Archie.

“Stop. Stop!” Hugo commanded. “He is a friend. Relax.” Houndoom ended the growling, but continue to eye Archie with suspicion and malice. Hugo held his bunch of sticks in front of Houndoom.

“Alright, girl! Fire Fang!”

Houndoom latched down on the bundle causing them to ignite instantly. Hugo and Houndooom playfully engaged in tug-o-war for a few moments, before Hugo pulled the torch away and lit Archie’s torch. Houndoom growled with displeasure.

“This should suffice,” Hugo said to Archie. “What’s next?”
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