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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
The Arboreal Cradle
The Eternal Forest Zone

The Ancient Feywood

Within specific spots of the Cradle lie mysterious rings of ethereal plants, whose roots are stronger than anything imaginable. Those who stand within the ring will find themselves seeing the world through different eyes, and will soon discover the Cradle's true heartland of Zalfarthas. Here the trees grow to sizes impossible by natural standards, and the wonders of life truly shine. While one may enter the Feywood as they wish, leaving is another matter entirely, and there have been people who enter and never leave, though that may be down to the whimsical and gay nature of the forest. The tribes of the Cradle call the forest the spiritual side of the Cradle, and the laws of nature apply not: fire cannot burn within the confines of the woods, and the trees seem to exude vitality akin to humans. Indeed, there have been sightings of vaguely human creatures which resemble no pokemon seen before, and the pokemon themselves are more than capable of understanding the human tongue, but whatever the circumstances it can be agreed on by all who visit Zalfarthas: you're going to have a magical time.

Zalfarthas may not be the easiest place to get to, though entrances have been found in any of the forests, yet the pokemon within are unlike any found in the four biomes of the Arboreal cradle. Should you stumble upon passage to the Feywood, you may find... (please reply in hotpink)

Sub Areas

Cosmic Clearing: Some of the trees within the feywood have their own gravitational pull, allowing people to walk upon their trunks. Those who climb said trees will soon learn that they're no longer on the ground, but walking through the skies and gazing up at the Feywood itself. These people have entered the Cosmic Clearing, an area where up is down and the rules seem inverted. Wandering through the stars, adventurers may visit certain parts of the Feywood that otherwise seem inaccessible, or alternatively they may choose to simply lay back and count the stars, waiting for adventure to take them instead. And more often than not, adventure does.
The night was quiet and cold. Silence was the best way to describe it, a silence of life itself. The only thing he could see was the shine of the stars, shining brightly onto the clearing. The sky seemed huge, vast, and full of life. Yet, it also felt empty... As empty as the clearing he was in. He didn't recognize any of the stars in this sky, and to Leo that was both exciting and a bit unnerving. He didn't remember how he got here. He just wandered through that sea of trees. What was it called again... The Arboreal Cradle? Large forests weren't common in Alola, with the only big one being the Lush Jungle on Akala Island... Not that he knew what it looked like. But this place, it felt full of cold energy compared to the liveliness of Alola.

Still, the stars was something comforting to Leo. He'd commonly sneak with some of his fellow grunts towards Mt. Hokulani to stargaze. Those were the days... Not having a care in the world. Feeling free to do what he wanted as long as he didn't get on Old Man Nanu's bad side. Not that he ever did. He was a good kid by Team Skull's standards. Often cooking and helping Big Sis keep things in check. Yet, nothing lasts forever. His life wasn't necessarily taken from him, but it did come crashing down. Everyone seemed to have just... disappeared. Team Skull was no longer and he was alone. Those bygone days were some of his happiest, but he wasn't going to let this affect his chipper demeanor.

So why did he feel so nostalgic looking at those stars? Was it truly because of those days... The days he'd return to if he could. Everyone was connected under the same sky. He knew that, and that whenever he looked up at those stars he knew his friends were looking at them as well. This cold place... that seemed to be filled with something. It too, was under that sky. A sky so bright, so warm.

"I'll do my best everyone," he muttered to himself, before getting a huge grin on his face as he continued to stare at those stars. He was on this journey for a reason. And when he'd return home, he'd make everyone a giant cake. Now wasn't the time for melancholy. It was time for adventure! Though, he felt he'd just stare at the stars a little longer. They felt... hypnotic somehow.

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