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(“You’re late. You just missed Maudlin’s acrobatics show." *Dead Rattata in leotard says nothing*)
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The Park

The Ghost Train
Things were starting to get climactic. The turntable was still spinning, you were pinned down by a Houndour, and Glamr was calling for help. You and Lapis exchange a split second glance of understanding. The turntable was your first priority, but that didn’t mean Lapis couldn’t disadvantage your opponent first. She hold up her hand and a glint of light flickers at her fingers. The Houndour’s body freezes stiff for a moment and then returns a growl at the Dusknoir who was already retreating to the switchboard. The hound opens its jaws and then sputters and coughs a black smoke, unable to fire another Ember. This was your chance. You lift your head to peer past the Dark-type to Glamr. "Nothing personal, but this train brought me here from the world of the living, and something's telling me it's the key to solving this place's problems! Gonna have to ask you guys to hold off for now!"

“Fool!” Glamr erupts. “This train isn’t salvation. It’s damnation. Anyone would know that, and you’re a fool for thinking otherwise. Virgil was right that this train was to bring trouble.” But the words didn’t stick as you focused on the task at hand. You grapple the Pokémon by it’s legs in an attempt to topple it off, or at least move its paws from your ribs. The Houndour is surprised by your sudden stirring and takes a few steps off of you but then instantly recomposes and retaliates, fiercely biting in one of your hands (your choice), tearing off pieces of undead skin and flesh. You wince, and perhaps even give a cry of pain. Tarth beneath you slowly halts its movement. The turntable had stopped you realised. A brief glance over reveals that the tracks weren’t perfectly aligned, but it might very well be enough.

You return to the offensive and dig the fingers of your other hand hard into the pupper’s eye. The Houndour growls and his grip is loosened somewhat only to be torn off immediately by a surprise Thunder Punch. Lapis had returned from the switchboard. The Hounddour yelps as it collapses to the floor, paralyzed and in shock.

“No!” you hear Glamr resound before bringing the whistle back to his lips. Gjen could only gurgle something offensive in his current state, which was likely to wear off soon.

And then, a Houndoom leapt from the shadows and surprised Glamr from behind. The Houndoom sunk his teeth into the fallen corpse, Glamr’s echoes of pain shrieking through the air and then dying down. Unconscious perhaps, you hope(?). A skeletal hand grabs you by the shoulder and pulls you back. It was the skeleton. His voice as gruffly deep as before. “Time to go.”

You look over and notice the wisp had rejoined your side as well, but that wasn’t the only company you had. A small troupe of scraggly undead were sauntering their way past you towards the train entrance, each casting you a menacing glance with a unique cackle. One was a little shriveled corpse, skin sunk into his skull of sharp features. His grin revealed a row of sharp teeth. Another was slim, had neither eyes nor nose, and had drawn a cape over his head to hide as much of this as he could. Two looked to be twin women. One sporting long, dry, grey hair that curled into thick locks like snakes, the other with a long sharp nose and nails that looked more like talons. The last was the most intimidating in stature and said nothing as he passed. This undead was more ogre than human, towering above anyone else you had met before, with thick club-like limbs and a square, flattened face. A wound on his throat made you wonder if that was why he was the only one who was silent.

“Get in, hurry up,” the skeleton ushered the troupe of ghouls inside the train. “Hope you don’t mind,” he speaks to you, “but I have a few friends who will be joining us.” One by one the ghouls entered the remaining carriage.

“Halt,” the voice was distant but unmistakable. In the distance, you saw Virgil and other conductors racing out of the building towards you. It would be a short while before they’d reach you.

“No time to waste,” the skeleton orders you. “Get in, we’re leaving.” The wisp seemingly somersault in the air and starts dancing around you, though you couldn’t be quite certain what for.

How do you respond?

Things were getting hairy at the turntable, and with his investment into things Alex's words fell onto Glamr's ears as Lapis executed her strategy, a strange light emanating from her fingers at the Houndour pinning Alex down. Drfiting for the switchboard, she heard the threatening growl of the Houndour but paid little heed to it, knowing fully well it was just doing its job, even if that job was against her commands. The undead man's response to Alex, however, was not unexpected. Erupting, the driver barked that the train was trouble, bringing only damnation, and declaring the trainer a fool for thinking otherwise. Gee, I've only been here for half an hour if that, how was I meant to know... he thought to himself, before shifting his weight towards the dark type on his chest.

Grabbing at the Houndour, his relief as the hellhound backs off him in surprise swiftly turns into predictable resignation as he realises that even though there is no longer an angry dog standing on him, there was now an angry dog standing in range of him, and with his arms out there was asbolutely nothing he could do as jaws opened and dug into his right hand before pulling. Flesh and skin peeled off as Alex gasped in shock, before wincing heavily. Mew's ears, why'd that hurt!? I'm meant to be dead! In his surprise, he only vaguely realised there was no further movement beneath him, as the turntable stopped. Which meant that Lapis had been successful. Meaning that there was only one troublesome problem that needed seeing to.

With his left hand he gritted teeth and dug fingers into the Houndour's face, prodding at the eye of the canine who instinctively growled and relinquished its grip slightly, enough that he wasn't actively held. A good thing, as a meaty fist crackling with lightning uppercutted into the dark type, the pokemon yelping as Lapis made work of it as she hovered over Alex. "Right...on cue," he hissed as the quadruped harassing him ended up paralysed and in shock, to Glamr's vocal dismay. As the zombie raised the whistle to mouth again, Gjen's reaction was to give a gurgle of some sorts, the Dusknoir shaking her head. The binding around him would soon wear off, and that would mean dealing with the pair of them at once. Sure, her human ally had other options, but...

It then happened suddenly. Without warning, a much larger canine leapt from the shadows at Glamr, crunching into the zombie viciously from behind. The man shrieked, then went silent. In shock, Alex could only watch with some horror as the helpless man went limp in its grip, before something hauled him to his feet. The skeleton from earlier, in the nick of time, yet there was more to it than that. A lot more. Alongside him was the wisp, but what was more intriguing, and concerning, was the troupe of undead, each one with a nasty glance in their eye and a different yet disconcerting cackle.

One was a small creature with sharpened teeth, sunken skin seemingly stretched over sharper features, while another held a cape over a face, or something that seemed a face, only lacking eyes and nose from what he could see. Then there were the women, as such. One with thick and long hair like snakes, while another bore a long nose and fingers that ended in nails that seemed more like talons. Then there was the giant, with limbs larger than Alex's body and a square face. Together the motley crew sauntered into the train at the boneman's beckoning before turning to the trainer, rhetorically asking if he minded the extra company.

The distant voice of Virgil reached them, and turning momentarily at the source, Alex could see a number of conductors and the chief approaching swiftly, though it'd be a bit of time until they got there. The skeleton then ordered Alex to climb aboard as the wisp somersaulted and danced around him in some manner, though he couldn't tell whether or not it was excitement or alert. Alex's mind was moving swiftly, considering his options. He could follow suit and get back to the world of the living with this crew of unknown figures...but he hesitated, and confusion on his face gave way to sudden realisation, followed by frustration. I've been had.

He took a step backward from the train. "Lemme get this straight. Some new corpse comes in after a while of nothing, lost and vulnerable. You call this train your ticket outta here, knowing it needs something living and dead on board. You call me in, get me roped into an easy ticket back to life. I get on, and then what?" He paused briefly, looking in disgust at the Houndoom. "You and your crew of Halloween monsters return to the surface, to some abandoned island haunted by plenty of ghosts, spirits who can't pass on, according to what I heard. Meanwhile there's a literal ocean of lost souls here who can't pass on for god knows what reason, who will remain here without a way onward."

"At first I was a little skeptical, but now I'm convinced. That," he motioned towards Glamr, "was unnecessary. A quick smack or even binding. It's quite clear you've got some ulterior motives behind getting out of here, and in a way, that poor bastard was right. I'm a fool for thinking there's an easy way out, and a bigger fool for not reading the fine print on the Yveltal's deal, so to speak! I've no clue who you or your cronies are, and what you get out of returning to the world above, but if there's one thing that has to be made clear, it's that I don't take being bullshitted with kindly."

As he spoke, he thought to himself as Lapis looked towards him, the spectre's hunch for reading the human spot-on. 'Lapis, go for the switchboard quick, then break your hold on your prisoner and slam the brakes on the train with gravity.' While he relayed the message, his hand strayed for Tantalia's ball, ready to command the Conkeldurr to smack down the Houndoom before it got a chance to move, then to crack forth a rock tomb wall in front of the train to ensure it didn't get moving too quickly. He was no longer in the mood for following orders, and diplomacy hadn't got him too far down here. It was time for action, and he was preparing to get a bit of distance between him and the skeleton to avoid being forced on. He'd have to do some explaining to Virgil, preferably without being torn to shreds...
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