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The Park

Fortune Teller’s Tent
The Meowstic was a crafty one and in so far, your subtle tactics haven’t proven to be useful in gaining the upper hand. Noticing the psychic cat switching tactics himself, you opt to follow suit. Toxic and Amnesia were good attempts at getting an advantage for the rest of the battle, but an all-out offensive was going to be needed at some point to dwindle the opponent’s health. The Meowstic’s attack strikes Masaru’s side, pushing him back a few steps as the Psyshock stabs his physical body.

Masaru isn’t out yet though. "Maasa, use Freeze Dry,” you yell. The air gets colder as wisps of chilly breeze waft from the Nevermeltice in circles around the piglet. Masaru takes in a loud, deep breath, the air cooling even further in his own cheeks. The Meowstic eyes the Held Item curiously and distractedly. Before he knew what was about to happen, the Ice-type blew out a single thick beam of lightblue energy, encased in frozen droplets and chilled winds. The attack strikes the body of the cat true, evident by the fact he crumbled in on all fours out of sheer cold and pain. Freeze Dry, an Ice-type move that is, unconventionally, effective against Water types. The Meowstic may not have been a Water type, but the move was a more than good hit nonetheless with the small bonus of the Nevermeltice. A glint appears in the eye of the Meowstic as he rears his head up and charges with great speed towards Masaru.

Masaru prepares to counter but the Meowstic deftly moves out of the way to strike it from the side. The cat retreated and Masaru was delivered a small blow. Not very painful or anything, making him question what the point was. You gasp though as you realized the Meowstic’s tactic. He even held his trophy up to gloat. The Nevermeltice! That surprisingly light move he had ordered must have been a Covet. The attack was only a light hit because the Meowstic was distracting Masaru so he could steal his Held Item. Masaru sniffs the ground further with another Odor Sleuth. He detects a peculiar smell, and, and, and, yes. Masaru is sure of it. There’s a Meowstic in the area…

The Meowstic opts to use his time more wisely though as he holds up his paws in a manner similar to what you’ve seen before; Reflect and Light Screen. A mystical energy flashes from his paws and stretches itself into a thin veil. It was exactly the same as Reflect, but the move doesn’t stack on top of itself. So what gives?

Never mind that. Masaru had his last orders. He gave a bellowing snort as white energy glowed brightly in his front legs. The Swinub erected himself on his hind legs with dazzling strength, and then slams his body down hard, his paws colliding with the earth forcefully. The energy rockets itself from his body and into the ground, a white energy zigzagging across the ground towards the opponent. The Meowstic stares at the rapidly approaching energy, too late to respond to it. The energy strikes the ground beneath him and, a second passes, the ground beneath him suddenly gives way and crumbles into a cavernous depth. The Meowstic yelps with a loud surprise as he’s suddenly dropped into the Fissure, bouncing against the edged boulders below out of view.

The cavern continues its rupture though, a Fissure not being specifically small or localized usually. And in a cramped space between the worn-out ruins of the labyrinth, the walls easily gave way and crumbled in on themselves as they collapsed into the fissure, only adding to the environmental devastation. The cracks rippled across the sides, and the walls flanking you, Masaru and Espurr were starting to crumble with the fissure growing in size from echoing destruction.

This place wasn’t safe. Get out of here!

(Player is free to describe how they get themselves away from the menace they created. Damage will be dealt to the Pokémon dependent on how player acts writes this interval.)

You somehow managed to find yourself in a familiar location. You passed underneath an archway, miraculously untouched by the corrosive element of time, and enter a round chamber. The first thing to catch your eye is the large angelic statue in the centre of the room. Peaceful, beautiful, serene. Along the entire wall, from one side of the archway to the other, a cascade of flowing water fell into a basin that enclosed the circular room. Four singular channels stretched form the outside to an inner ring of water encircling the angelic statue. Your eyes focus on what the angel was holding. There wasn’t a blue orb here, though for some reason you thought there should have been, but a Pokéball. Your Pokéball to be exact. It was one of you team mates you had brought with you to Phantom Isle!


The roar appeared from behind you. And sure enough, the male Meowstic appeared, roughed up and beaten down somewhat by the strong Ground type move, but still nowhere near knocked out. He holds out his hands, and in a similar manner as to before, is preparing to set up a barrier of sorts.

This battle was far from over!

Masaru the Lv.100 Swinub

Lv.35 Meowstic

You have time to switch out Masaru for someone else if you want.

What do you do?

1/4 Memories cleared

The Ghost Train
Things were starting to get climactic. The turntable was still spinning, you were pinned down by a Houndour, and Glamr was calling for help. You and Lapis exchange a split second glance of understanding. The turntable was your first priority, but that didn’t mean Lapis couldn’t disadvantage your opponent first. She hold up her hand and a glint of light flickers at her fingers. The Houndour’s body freezes stiff for a moment and then returns a growl at the Dusknoir who was already retreating to the switchboard. The hound opens its jaws and then sputters and coughs a black smoke, unable to fire another Ember. This was your chance. You lift your head to peer past the Dark-type to Glamr. "Nothing personal, but this train brought me here from the world of the living, and something's telling me it's the key to solving this place's problems! Gonna have to ask you guys to hold off for now!"

“Fool!” Glamr erupts. “This train isn’t salvation. It’s damnation. Anyone would know that, and you’re a fool for thinking otherwise. Virgil was right that this train was to bring trouble.” But the words didn’t stick as you focused on the task at hand. You grapple the Pokémon by it’s legs in an attempt to topple it off, or at least move its paws from your ribs. The Houndour is surprised by your sudden stirring and takes a few steps off of you but then instantly recomposes and retaliates, fiercely biting in one of your hands (your choice), tearing off pieces of undead skin and flesh. You wince, and perhaps even give a cry of pain. Tarth beneath you slowly halts its movement. The turntable had stopped you realised. A brief glance over reveals that the tracks weren’t perfectly aligned, but it might very well be enough.

You return to the offensive and dig the fingers of your other hand hard into the pupper’s eye. The Houndour growls and his grip is loosened somewhat only to be torn off immediately by a surprise Thunder Punch. Lapis had returned from the switchboard. The Hounddour yelps as it collapses to the floor, paralyzed and in shock.

“No!” you hear Glamr resound before bringing the whistle back to his lips. Gjen could only gurgle something offensive in his current state, which was likely to wear off soon.

And then, a Houndoom leapt from the shadows and surprised Glamr from behind. The Houndoom sunk his teeth into the fallen corpse, Glamr’s echoes of pain shrieking through the air and then dying down. Unconscious perhaps, you hope(?). A skeletal hand grabs you by the shoulder and pulls you back. It was the skeleton. His voice as gruffly deep as before. “Time to go.”

You look over and notice the wisp had rejoined your side as well, but that wasn’t the only company you had. A small troupe of scraggly undead were sauntering their way past you towards the train entrance, each casting you a menacing glance with a unique cackle. One was a little shriveled corpse, skin sunk into his skull of sharp features. His grin revealed a row of sharp teeth. Another was slim, had neither eyes nor nose, and had drawn a cape over his head to hide as much of this as he could. Two looked to be twin women. One sporting long, dry, grey hair that curled into thick locks like snakes, the other with a long sharp nose and nails that looked more like talons. The last was the most intimidating in stature and said nothing as he passed. This undead was more ogre than human, towering above anyone else you had met before, with thick club-like limbs and a square, flattened face. A wound on his throat made you wonder if that was why he was the only one who was silent.

“Get in, hurry up,” the skeleton ushered the troupe of ghouls inside the train. “Hope you don’t mind,” he speaks to you, “but I have a few friends who will be joining us.” One by one the ghouls entered the remaining carriage.

“Halt,” the voice was distant but unmistakable. In the distance, you saw Virgil and other conductors racing out of the building towards you. It would be a short while before they’d reach you.

“No time to waste,” the skeleton orders you. “Get in, we’re leaving.” The wisp seemingly somersault in the air and starts dancing around you, though you couldn’t be quite certain what for.

How do you respond?

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