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(“Haha, found you Maudlin. Hiding under the desk.” *Upside-down dead Rattata says nothing*)
~Please reply in Slategray~

The Park

The Ghost Train
While standing in the opening of the train carriage, you called on your partner Lapis to issue an assault. The Dusknoir gave a nod of understanding as she descended down swiftly and floated up a tad closer to Gjen who was trying to shoo the wisp away with one hand whilst fumbling his other on his belt in search of his Pokéball. Whereas most Pokémon relied on their physical bodies to restrain their opponent with Bind, the Dusknoir had the advantage of being a Ghost type and relied on other methods. She circled her opponent slightly, using a wide arc for distance, until she stood in view of Gjen. With some understanding, the wisp backed off, allowing Gjen’s confusion on the matter to survey his surroundings on what was going on. Lapis took advantage and as soon as the two locked gaze she emitted a bright flash of energy from her eye. Gjen barely managed to exclaim his ire before his body froze up in place, only his eye managing to dance around in his still socket.

“What the-!” Glamr immediately turned to you, having witnessed what happened to Gjen ad stared you down fixedly. “I don’t know what you’re up to, but that was a mistake,” he informed you assuredly. “Houndour, attack,” he called out as he tossed a Pokéball from his belt. The doom hound burst from his Pokéball. At the same time, another bright flash erupted from behind Glamr as Lapis threw her Confuse Ray. Alas, with Glamr having looked away and towards you, the lack of direct view meant he had escaped her attempt at confusing him. The Houdnour instantly leapt onto you, and having stood so close to the carriage opening, threw both of you off. You land somewhat painfully on the rotating platform amongst some scattered grit with the Dark Pokémon taking the advantage and standing atop of you, paws digging in your ribs and mouth snarling close to your face in case you tried anything.

Wihtout being able to see the move yourself, an ominous screech impacts you and the Houndour. The screech strikes the Dark type and dwindles whereupon a strange mist enveloped the Houndour for a brief moment before receding. The Houndour sniffs the air while keeping a single paw on your chest and snarls in the direction of the Dusknoir who had just circled in the opposite direction of the rotating train to come find you and issued an Imprison unbeknownst to the Pokémon. The Houndour blew a single smolder of fire at the reaper, unable to do very much else from afar it seemed, but the Ember struck true and burnt the Gripper Pokémon enough for a little damage.

Glamr’s silhouette appears in the train door as he looks out and swiftly jumps out of the rotating train. He looks at you and the Houndour, then at the Dusknoir and the roating train. His hand goes for his chest and then carries itself to his mouth.

“FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTT” He blew the whistle hard. “TROUBLE!!!” he shouted out with whatever vocal chords he had left. He blew the whistle again as the sound travelled farther. He was summoning help!

Gjen’s bound to a statuesque state, right now on the other side of the train where the switchboard lay. You’re pinned down on the rotating platform by a Houndour with Glamr whistling for help. Lapis stood on the border of the rotating platform, ready to jump in. Who knows where the wisp is currently, but the tracks are about to align! If you wanted the platform to stop soon you were going to have to do it NOW.

What do you do?

Things seemed to be going well, with the group having reached the turntable, but with the wisp now in trouble, Alex's hand was effectively forced. Giving a nod, the Dusknoir drifted to Gjen and the wisp, watching and waiting for the opportune moment. Most pokemon with the technique to bind their foes usually relied on vines or body to do so, but the Dusknoir was different. As soon as she reached the pair, Lapis beckoned the wisp away, to which it obliged as the zombie appeared puzzled, before turning towards the phantom. The Dusknoir's eye flashed, and as Gjen gave a sudden cry, the fellow found himself bound by otherworldly forces, frozen in place. This of course caught the attention of Glamr, as Alex expected.

What he hadn't expected was for how quickly the driver responded. With some assurance that Alex had made a mistake, the undead lobbed forth an orb and revealed a Houndour, the canine growling. Worse, Lapis's confuse ray had missed its mark due to Glamr not keeping eye contact, throwing a spanner in the works. As he stood at the entrance to the carriage, he was powerless to stop the charging canine as it knocked him off the carriage and onto the platform. "Ack!" he cried as pain surged through him, and the hellhound standing atop him pushing its paw into his ribs, as though they weren't damaged enough, snarling into his face as the human was pinned down. Lapis was on the draw however and released an odd screech into the air that caught the canine's attention, mist swirling around the Houndour sealing what knowledge the pair shared. Spitting a burst of fire at her, the pokemon holding Alex down reacted to the threat, who took the brunt of the flame with an air of annoyance rather than injury, brushing off the slight char on her corporeal form.

Glamr then reappeared at the front of the locomotive, and saw for himself what madness ensued. Leaping off the train, he reached for his chest before bringing something to his mouth. "Ugh..." Alex groaned as the shrill whistle rang out as the driver called for help. While he was pinned down by the chest, he wasn't completely helpless and Lapis was ready to move into combat, yet the tracks were nearly lined up. Alex looked at the Dusknoir, then towards the switchboard, making the intention clear to her: stop the turntable. Giving a grim nod, the Dusknoir readied to move, but at the same time was readying another trick up her sleeve by hindering the Houndour further with a quick disable. Once the turntable had stopped, she'd leer at the hound then move in and slug it with a thunder punch. Alex on the other hand was preparing to get physical, yet despite the weight upon him, it wasn't anything too heavy. Tilting his head towards Glamr, he gritted his teeth before calling out to him.

"Nothing personal, but this train brought me here from the world of the living, and something's telling me it's the key to solving this place's problems! Gonna have to ask you guys to hold off for now!" With that said, Alex turned to the canine holding him down and readied himself to grapple with the fire type and hurl it off of him. Ballsy, to be sure, but that paw on the chest was not helping things in the slightest. And if it decided to sink its teeth into him? He'd respond by shoving his fingers into its eyes, the classic 'let go of me you bounder' tactic. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and what was the skeleton doing anyways? Where had the wisp disappeared to? He could do with a hand in subduing Glamr...
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