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(“…Where is Maudlin? Well, let’s finish this finally.”)
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The Park

The Ghost Train
You take your time to check on your allies, summoning another ally as you did. Lapis the Dusknoir, a Pokémon who couldn’t help but recognize your predicament and had to stifle her laughter. You break off your Pokémon and explain the plan. Lapis was to keep an eye on the tracks and move any unwilling spirits out of the way with Psychic. You, on the other hand, would use your time to keep an eye on Glamr and look through the train.

By the time you returned, Gjen was just leaving. Glamr waves at you to join him. “Nice Dusknoir,” he remarks. “A clever ally to have with you down here. Very clever,” he eyes her wondrously. “The spirits will be very inclined to listen to her.”

“Anyway,” he breaks off, “we’ve wasted enough time. Let’s get this over with.” And with that said he entered the locomotive and set it into a low chug. “Are you coming?” You had to quickly recollect yourself to jump onto the crawling train but managed. The train entered the glass station with slow-churning movements. Almost immediately, a flock of ghosts approached the train and took up space near the track.

“Get off!” Glamr shouted at them unsuccessfully. “This train isn’t for you.”

“Kid!” he shouts back at you without even looking. “You’re up.” Little else had to be said. Lapis sprang into action. Upon nearing the crowd, a few ghosts hesitated and distanced themselves from the reaper. Lapis cajoled a few more to go with some shooing gestures but a few unruly spirits remained. Lapis resorted to her Psychi powers, enough to move them away every now and again when they got too close. Some tried to get their way close to the train, hoping to get on as if it were their salvation, but between you and your Dusknoir’s attempts, none succeeded. (Player is free to update this part as they see fit.)

You scour the train up and down, keeping an eye on Glamr as you did. The undead conductor seemed distracted by the crowd up front and the steering that he didn’t even pay an inkling of close attention to you. Beside the cramped locomotive, there was only one carriage left. Little else was there to be found her eother than some seating and the poles on which you had to hold on during your crazy ride. At the back a broken, frozen piece of chain-link was all that was found, the burnt-out carriage having dropped off into the abyss prior.

Finally, the train passed through the other side of the station. A vast empty land expanded in directions, their view blocked by a myriad of dizzying tracks and storage stations. Between you and the nearest split, a giant circle was drawn in the ground around a large segment of track. The train moved onto the circle and came to a creeping halt. To the side of this circle you noticed Gjen standing by an out-of-sorts metallic box on a pole. He turned the key and you felt the momentum hit you as the train rotated on the spinning platform. Close by, you recognized the wisp from earlier standing at the ready.

“We’re heading into that building over there,” Glamr shouted at you over the roaring machinery. As the plate rotated, you caught a view of the skeleton from earlier staring at you from the shade, waiting. The wisp descened down towards Glen as if in greeting.

“Hey little guy,” you can barely make out Gjen’s voice as he tries to usher the wisp away. The tracks were close to matching up when you suddenly hear Gjen giving a shout. ‘Pest’ or something or other. The tracks aligned, and then passed one another. Gjen had missed the cue to stop the rotating. The train was continuing its rotation.

“What’s going on out there?” Glamr erupts, obliviously ignoring you.

“One of the spirits,” Gjen sounded annoyed and you saw a hand near his belt, ready to call an ally if the wisp wasn’t going to stop.

This is your moment. The train missed its original mark and is still rotating. It will take a minute before it’s completely spun in your intended direction, but the key is going to have to be turned off at that moment if you want the tracks to align. Add to that, you still had Glamr and Gjen to contend with, neither of whom were aware of your intentions, though Gjen seemed ready to get aggressive with your allied wisp.

What do you?

With his plan relayed to Lapis, Alex returned to Glamr as Gjen headed off for the switchboard, and wasn't too surprised at the zombie's reaction to the clever decision to bring the Dusknoir. "Well, given the species apparent inclination to bring lost spirits to here, it made some sense," he replied with a half-hearted shrug and a slight grin, which was about as much as his dead heart could muster. Breaking off, the driver hopped aboard the mysterious locomotive and commandeered the machine, Alex only collecting himself and clambering aboard before it picked up steam. "Lapis, remember the plan!" he called to the phantom as she drifted behind them. Entering the station, the reaction was instantaneous. At the sight of the train, the sea of broken souls seemingly lit up, like a buffet cart brought before a Snorlax, and immediately crowded around the train as Glamr tried unsuccessfully to make them move.

"You're up!" he called, as Alex nodded to his ghost pokemon. Without breaking a sweat, the Dusknoir floated over to the train and fixated her gaze upon the spirits, numerous of them quickly backing off at the mere sight of the Gripper pokemon. With a gentle wave of her hands, other spirits left the track, while the few more desperate ones found themselves enveloped in a cyan glow and hoisted back into the ocean gently. Alex could only gaze upon the crowds with an air of regret. How long have half these guys been here? One or two of the spirits pushed for the train in desperation, as though the locomotive was their salvation, only to be thwarted by the stout form of Lapis, and the very feeling Alex was getting at this denial of movement was quite painful. Desperation. Despair. Longingness.

And he felt so selfish. Here he was, fresh into hell, and with a golden ticket back to the world of the living practically within reach, while some of these lost souls had to have been here for decades...speaking of tickets, Alex turned to Glamr who was too busy distracted by his role, before giving the train a decent look around now he was in no danger of immolation, but was disappointed to find nothing out of the ordinary. Nope, just a train capable of travelling between the abyss of life and death, owned by nobody...

The repulsion of spirits successful, Lapis rejoined Alex as the train left the station and trundled towards a vast circle and great number of pens in the middle of nowhere. He felt her hand on his shoulder, and nodded. As a pokemon known to shepherd the fallen to their final resting place, it physically hurt Lapis to witness such a vast number of souls trapped in limbo. The pair were broken out of their forlorn stance on sight of Gjen, however, standing by a metallic box, the switchboard by the looks of things. The zombie turned the key, and the stationary train lurched as the ancient machinery beneath whirled the turntable around slowly. Alex could faintly hear Glamr's voice and as he followed the worker's limb he could see a storehouse, as well as the skeleton waiting for him.

It was then that Lapis nudged Alex, and he peered over shoulder to find the wisp interacting with Gjen. It was fleeting, but the distraction was enough as the zombie missed his cue to stop the turntable, to Glamr's annoyance. However, things escalated quickly. Ignoring him, Gjen's hand reached for his belt, ready to call in an ally of sorts, while Glamr conveniently ignored him. If there was ever a time for action, it was now. While they were a little bit away from their position, the wisp was in trouble, and Alex was skeptical if there was an afterlife for the afterlife. With a sigh, he found himself at odds.

Obviously there was the clear signs of danger, and he had made plans with the skeleton, yet as he opened his mouth he felt Lapis place her hand on his shoulder, the Dusknoir gazing at the skeleton, then towards Glamr and Gjen, then the station. At the look at the station, he felt her grip tighten, and realised what that meant: she was not at all amused. "You too, Lapis?" he whispered to her, and the phantom nodded. The skeleton's golden ticket could be redeemed in a while, there was much bigger fish to fry, and something more appropriate to deal with right now, and that step was to stop the wisp from coming to harm. "Lapis, intercept the situation and bind that zombie before he hurts that wisp, then stall for time by sending a confuse ray towards the driver. If they get something out, seal whatever skills you may share with imprison, but the key is to not bring anyone to harm just yet."

A hum of "dusk" later, the reaper began to carry out Alex's orders as he frowned and chided himself, having realised that this train really wasn't for him per se, but for everyone. This station was greatly overcongested, and there was one figure in the scenario who seemed to be pulling strings, and that was Virgil. His plans as such were to incapacitate the two zombies, then to find a way to confront the conductor and to sort this mess out for the sake of all the despondent souls. He could wait, decomposition usually didn't get properly started until a few days anyways.
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