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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(Maudlin, what did you do to the office. This doesn’t look anything like the place I remember? *Dead Ratatta says nothing*. What do you mean I should consider this place to be under new management?)

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House of Mirrors
DracosWulfgar: ~ See Update Batch #13
You came to Phantom Isle to confirm the sightings of ghosts. You came to the House of Mirrors however to conquer your own fear of claustrophobia. So far though, that wasn’t going very well. Almost as soon as you entered the shadow-filled building you felt the pinprick of eyes drilling in the back of your neck. There was no constant source of light and instead you had to rely on the island’s glow spilling through the entrance and the occasional lightbulb that wasn’t completely shattered. The closed spaces made you nervous and the constant appearance of new reflections in the dark corridors didn’t help making you feel any less trapped.

You partner Pokémon senses your trouble and appears from his Pokéball, the Growlithe assuring you by acting as a therapy dog. A low moan echoes through the corridors briefly. Quite possibly the wind howling through the cracked wooden boards. You manage to recover yourself and move on, remembering a trick you were taught by your sister long ago. You think back to what she said that first time; the trick is to notice the edges of the mirrors. Specifically at the top and bottom you could easily see where the reflective surface met with the dirt coloured panels of the floors and ceiling.

You think hard about this trick, but the moment you do the loud moan echoes down the corridor once more. A violent wind blows past and in an instant the floor and ceiling were replaced by mirrors themselves. All around where you looked you and your Growlithe were surrounded by images of yourselves. The two of you are momentarily shocked by the sudden change in scenery. Was this supposed to be a part of the attraction?

“Hello?” a voice startles you. You look around but find nothing. Your Growlithe looks at you, puzzled.

“Is someone there?” the voice speaks again. You turn again to find nothing. You couldn’t tell where it was coming from; the voice appeared to be coming from all directions at once.

“Hello?” it asks again.

You concentrate on the path ahead first, for a small piece of mind you had to make yourself comfortable first. You think about the corners of the mirror panels themselves. Perhaps they could still provide you with some comfort and bearing.

Another loud moan bellows in the corridor, and another gust of wind blows past you. The corridor trembles in its place, and before your very eyes the corners of the mirror panels squeaked as they bent into soft corners, obscuring their sharp angles. Your Growlithe was sufficiently startled, by both the sound and the warp of the mirrors.

“Is someone there? You need to put a halt to your overtly pensive thoughts.”

The loud moan turned louder and became closer. A dark shadow filled the corridor up ahead and crawled towards you. One by one, the mirrored panels rippled like waves as the shadow approached your direction. A whistling chime blows past you along another howl of wind.

“Answer please, I beg you” the voice speaks. It is then that you realise the voice wasn’t coming from anywhere in the building; it was in your head. “I’m trying to warn you that you’re in danger.” The shadow slowly crept closer as the mirrors continued to ripple by its touch.


What do you do?

( I am going to pick this back up where I left off, Thanks for keeping this by the way, also I am going to pick up off from the Run! part instead of rewriting what you made if thats okay? )

Drake bristled, the hair standing up on the back of his neck, He chose not to answer the voice just yet, because he didn't know if it was a ghost or a trick. However He ran anyways, the voice startled Drake, and had sounded so close.

"Where are we going?" "Why are we running Drake?" Wolfe said, unable to understand why Drake was running, Wolfe didn't hear the voices haunting his Trainer just yet.

Running hard and hardly paying attention to the path, Drake suddenly tripped and fell over, He drew himself up and turned to look behind him. Wolfe then heard the next moan, and bristled too.

"What should we do Wolfe?" Drake turned to his Growlithe with fear in his eyes and the stench of fear was rolling off Drake in waves to Wolfe's nose.

" I don't know, what do you think we should do?"
Wolfe tried to comfort his owner by rubbing his head against his masters, the brown sable fur looking black in the lighting and the green streak glowing over his left eye.

The pokemon and trainer both looked to the path from where they came, feeling the wind and hearing the moan.

"I say we continue running, its not like this place can go on forever."
the growlithe said.

"I agree." Drake wanted nothing more than to get out of this tight hallway and continue on. He thought for sure that these places had a couple floors, and he hoped they didn't have this tight enclosure feeling.

With that, Drake got up and ran, Wolfe right behind him, both taking left and right turns.

Drake also remembered that mazes, if you were to keep to the left side, you were more likely to get out.

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