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The Park

Fortune Teller’s Tent
“Espurr?” you whispered. There was no sound.

You retraced your memories in your mind, going over the course of events that usually would have happened. You start with the master and spare bedrooms. The last time you saw the was cowering under a bed in her own memory. Perhaps for this reason you decided to look under the bed. It didn’t take very long. Exactly as you had though, in the dark crawlspace underneath one of the beds, you find the small cowering body of the little cat. She inches away from you the moment you lower yourself, visibly trembling out of fear. Her own memory had taken a toll on her psyche, who knows for how long.

You start with sweet words, attempting to coax the little Pokémon out, and apologise. It doesn’t seem to work at first but eventually the Pokémon realizes the place is safe. A small wave of curiosity washes over her as she inches closer to you, and immediately snuggles into you for comfort.

The next few moments are spent calming the Pokémon down. Hugs, games, stories, whatever you could think of. (Player is free to update this part on their own.)

Finally, when the Espurr is fully calmed down and warmed up to you, the familiar sensation washes over you of the memory shifting. The Espurr’s ears perk up as well, the same sensation having grabbed a hold of her. It felt friendly though, and soothing. The white blanketed your eyes once more.


The scenery exploded back to you where you last saw it. The Espurr was back in your arms, the labyrinthian walls surrounding you on all sides.


The Meowstic! Ahead of you, the blue figure of the Kalosian cat with the booming voice was approaching, closer than before. It would be only seconds until…


A familiar sound grunted behind you. It was Masaru! You had your Pokémon with you finally. Well, one at least.


The Meowstic was upon you. Unless you’d run, a battle was imminent.

“Esp?” the little cat looks at you curiously about what you were going to do next. You now had your trusted Masaru, a potential small ally in the form of an Espurr, your bag of received goodies, and whatever knowledge you had of the labyrinth from your memories.

What do you do?

1/4 memories cleared

(Clarification: There will be a battle, and perhaps more after. The goal is to get through them without having the Espurr knocked out or else your bond with her will be broken and your adventure for naught. The male Meowstic will be Lv.35 in this battle and the Espurr Lv.10. Battles have to be equal – 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc. You can use 3 moves a turn. Using an item counts as a move. You can use 2 items quickly before this battle begins.)

The Ghost Train
You take your time to check on your allies, summoning another ally as you did. Lapis the Dusknoir, a Pokémon who couldn’t help but recognize your predicament and had to stifle her laughter. You break off your Pokémon and explain the plan. Lapis was to keep an eye on the tracks and move any unwilling spirits out of the way with Psychic. You, on the other hand, would use your time to keep an eye on Glamr and look through the train.

By the time you returned, Gjen was just leaving. Glamr waves at you to join him. “Nice Dusknoir,” he remarks. “A clever ally to have with you down here. Very clever,” he eyes her wondrously. “The spirits will be very inclined to listen to her.”

“Anyway,” he breaks off, “we’ve wasted enough time. Let’s get this over with.” And with that said he entered the locomotive and set it into a low chug. “Are you coming?” You had to quickly recollect yourself to jump onto the crawling train but managed. The train entered the glass station with slow-churning movements. Almost immediately, a flock of ghosts approached the train and took up space near the track.

“Get off!” Glamr shouted at them unsuccessfully. “This train isn’t for you.”

“Kid!” he shouts back at you without even looking. “You’re up.” Little else had to be said. Lapis sprang into action. Upon nearing the crowd, a few ghosts hesitated and distanced themselves from the reaper. Lapis cajoled a few more to go with some shooing gestures but a few unruly spirits remained. Lapis resorted to her Psychi powers, enough to move them away every now and again when they got too close. Some tried to get their way close to the train, hoping to get on as if it were their salvation, but between you and your Dusknoir’s attempts, none succeeded. (Player is free to update this part as they see fit.)

You scour the train up and down, keeping an eye on Glamr as you did. The undead conductor seemed distracted by the crowd up front and the steering that he didn’t even pay an inkling of close attention to you. Beside the cramped locomotive, there was only one carriage left. Little else was there to be found her eother than some seating and the poles on which you had to hold on during your crazy ride. At the back a broken, frozen piece of chain-link was all that was found, the burnt-out carriage having dropped off into the abyss prior.

Finally, the train passed through the other side of the station. A vast empty land expanded in directions, their view blocked by a myriad of dizzying tracks and storage stations. Between you and the nearest split, a giant circle was drawn in the ground around a large segment of track. The train moved onto the circle and came to a creeping halt. To the side of this circle you noticed Gjen standing by an out-of-sorts metallic box on a pole. He turned the key and you felt the momentum hit you as the train rotated on the spinning platform. Close by, you recognized the wisp from earlier standing at the ready.

“We’re heading into that building over there,” Glamr shouted at you over the roaring machinery. As the plate rotated, you caught a view of the skeleton from earlier staring at you from the shade, waiting. The wisp descened down towards Glen as if in greeting.

“Hey little guy,” you can barely make out Gjen’s voice as he tries to usher the wisp away. The tracks were close to matching up when you suddenly hear Gjen giving a shout. ‘Pest’ or something or other. The tracks aligned, and then passed one another. Gjen had missed the cue to stop the rotating. The train was continuing its rotation.

“What’s going on out there?” Glamr erupts, obliviously ignoring you.

“One of the spirits,” Gjen sounded annoyed and you saw a hand near his belt, ready to call an ally if the wisp wasn’t going to stop.

This is your moment. The train missed its original mark and is still rotating. It will take a minute before it’s completely spun in your intended direction, but the key is going to have to be turned off at that moment if you want the tracks to align. Add to that, you still had Glamr and Gjen to contend with, neither of whom were aware of your intentions, though Gjen seemed ready to get aggressive with your allied wisp.

What do you?

You do your best to try to assuage the small Pokémon. The Ralts merely gazes nervously at you from his prostate position. You inquire as to why he and the other Pokémon took such an interest in you earlier, but the little Ralts merely gulps and fears to answer you in the slightest.

“Perhaps,” the Hex Maniac perks up, “they could tell you weren’t a mere spirit. That you didn’t belong here. They were probably curious about that.”

You ignore him though. “This guy here knows a way out, and I'm intending on taking it. If I could help you guys out too... I will.”

The Ralts merely exchanges glances between you and the Hex Maniac, apparently shaken up by such an idea and trembling a little more. You kneel down to get closer to him but that seems to have only upset him more, like a prey would when gazing into the jaws of a predator. You had an idea though.

You pull out one of your Pokéballs and call out Kai. A brief shine later and the form of a surprised Pachirisu takes form. Both Kai and the Ralts end up startled. The Pachirisu collects himself though on seeing the Ralts and goes over to talk.

"This is Kai,” you explain. “While he is a bit of a scaredy cat, he's quite sweet and caring around others who feel the same way."

“Pach-pach,” Kai talks to the Ralts.


Kai communicates some more and at one point even points to you. The Ralts perks up a tad and the two small Pokémon commune a lot more. They seemed to be getting along quite well.

You get up. "Okay, let's go. We're close right? Lead the way."

The Hex Maniac is a bit surprised at your sudden decision. “Oh, uh, yes of course! It should be this way.” He leads the way, though to seemingly nowhere. Behind you, Kai gave chase to keep up with the Ralts beside him apparently following suit. Along the way they chittering to one another.

“I don’t understand,” the Hex maniac hushes annoyed. “I can clearly feel the energy coursing through this area. But there’s nothing here.” All around you, you saw, the crumbled buildings had given way to an expanse of wasteland. You had travelled for a long time through this empty space and had found yourself dead-centre in nowhere with nothing but grey grit and violet fog.

“Perhaps it’s a diversion. Perhaps-“ The Hex Maniac cut off as he retreated back in a flurry, bumping into you. A cackle of energy erupted in the air where he had collided. The energy coursed in every direction along a seemingly transparent fence. It zapped its way towards both horizons and towards the sky. Light reflected off of the transparent surface when it did and for a brief moment you recognize the shape of gigantic dome.

“Of course!” The Hex maniac erupts. “It’s been shrouded all this time. That’s why no one could find it!” No one? Was he not the only one looking for this? “This is the final trial,” he turns to you. “This barrier is meant to ward of spirits. Clever trick, no? Place the artefact in a place where only spirits may reside and then seal it off to only them. This is where you come in. Since I’m channeling, my spirit can’t pass the barrier.”

“You’re going to have to go in alone. But don’t worry.” He rubs himself closer to you, violating your sense of space once more. “The city is old and abandoned. There shouldn’t be any danger left. Just go in and grab the artefact. Look for a pedestal and a strange object that’s supposed to exude a strange power. You’ll recognize it when you get closer. Bring it back here, and I’ll use it to send you back.”

It seemed easy enough.

“One more thing though. As the barrier wards of spirits, Ghost-type Pokémon can’t enter.” Your eyes immediately fall onto Wisp. “You’re going to have to leave your Litwick here, as well as any other ghost-type Pokémon on you, or else the barrier won’t let you through.”

This is was the last hurdle. Go in, grab the artefact and return. Your goal was within sight, but you were going to have to leave some Pokémon behind.

What do you do?

The Hotel

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