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(*Dead Rattata says nothing*)
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The Park

The Ghost Train
There was still something about the train that was gnawing at your mind. That strange yellow creature had tried to quickly warn you the train wasn’t for you or the boy Austin. But then what was it’s purpose if the very conductors of the afterlife didn’t want it either? There was clearly something else at play here but none seemed to have any direct answers for you. You pushed back these thoughts for a moment when your coworkers responded.

Virgil chuckled. “Getting straight into it. Now that’s what I like to see.” He turned to the other two. “You best take a page from him, he’ll be a valuable asset for sure.” The other two undead merely rolled their three eyes at their boss’ comment. One directed his answer at you.

“The three tasks are rather easy. The steerer as you can guess-“

“Not now,” Virgil interrupted them. “The boy doesn’t even have his uniform yet. You can inform him later. First,” he looked back at you, “go to the lockers and pick up your uniform. There should be three available. Pick whatever suits you and meet up with them by the train. I still need to talk to these two.”

The other two undead merely nodded with sighed approval. “Meet us at the train, we’ll explain there.”

You were ushered to the changing room. Past the breakroom, where you were curiously ogled by some of the other undead, there was a small hallway leading up to a small space with neatly lined up lockers. None of the numbering seemed to make much sense but you could easily identify the three remaining ones you could use as they were the only ones not locked. One locker contained a uniform that was very tight and might restrict your movement. The second locker contained an outfit that was too big, and might cause you to trip from its bagginess. The third was just right, fitting you like a glove. Unfortunately the very same one reeked to high heavens as if, as you’d expect, it was previously worn by a corpse. After picking your uniform from the three available (in whatever locker number you want), you had to change clothes. In addition, the starter kit you were provided with contained nothing of much interest. A flashlight that didn’t require batteries for some reason, the Locker Key, an Energy Root and a Thick Club. Of these latter two you weren’t sure if they were supposed to be part of the starting kit or if they were left by the former owner.


Outside, the two zombies were waiting for you by the train. On your way, you'd have a chance to relay any task or order to the wisp if you wanted. The two were talking, something that seemed to trouble them, though they hushed up the moment you approached. “Well then, I suppose condolences are in order. First day here, and you’re working already. Mind you, despite what Virgil says, I don’t think working harder is going to make your due pass by an quicker.”

“Leave him be,” the other protested. “He probably has enough to worry about.”

“I didn’t mean anything by it,” he appeared apologetic, or as apologetic as an undead could. “So back to the matter at hand. The name’s Glamr. This here is Gjen.” Gjen merely raised a hand in salute. “Now as for the task at hand. It’s not really a three-person job. One could easily do it, but it certainly helps to have a few more with you. One person obviously needs to power the train and steer it correctly on the tracks. We need a second as a look-out. Being careful that there’s no one inside or that anyone enters, as well as clearing the tracks along the way or ushering the crowd apart. You probably saw the huge crowd inside, they sometimes end up on the tracks, though not often. The third can move ahead to the switchboard. Once we move the train, we need to get it on the right track. There’s a rotating platform up ahead that we use to steer the trains onto the tracks we want,” he was explaining the exact same thing the skeleton was doing, “we’ll be using that to move it to storage.”

“Is there really any point though,” Gjen spoke.

“Hush, it doesn’t matter. If Virgil commands it, we’d better get to it.” Glamr turns back to you. “I should explain what my partner meant, since you’re bound to be around for a long time anyhow. This train isn’t ours, as Virgil probably told you. It appears out of nowhere, and then it vanishes without a trace.”

“So then what’s the point? If it’s going to disappear again we might as well leave it and spare us the trouble. Not like we have anything else moving in or out anyhow.”

Glamr merely sighed at his partner and repeated the name carefully; “V-I-R-G-I-L.”


“Honestly kid, this is the real reason we want a third with us. None of trust this damn train. We don’t know where it comes from or where it goes, but there’s clearly something evil about it. I can feel it in my bones.”

“So he wants you here because he’s scared to be alone.”

“Hush now, why did you have to go and tell him THAT. Anyhow,” he turns back to the matter at hand. “Since this is your first time, we thought we’d give you the easy job. I’ll try to direct the train while Gjen here controls the platform.” Gjen waves again, showcasing the key in his hand as he did. “So that would leave you with the job of making sure the path is clear, and checking the train for any funny business. There might be a bit of running involved, hopping on and off the train, but we’ll be moving at a steady pace. There’s usually not that much trouble either, so it’s an easy job for your first time.”

The three jobs were briefly explained, and you were assigned the task of the one who wouldn’t control the platform. You knew Gjen would have the key and would move ahead to the platform if you didn’t do anything. Not just that, you’d still have to figure out a way to deal with Gjen and Glamr once you did manage to get to the platform and turn it around.

“So what do you say? Does that sound all right by you?”

What's your plan?

The gnawing confusion regarding the train pushed itself to the back of his somehow still conscious mind as Virgil appeared pleased at his eagerness to help out, which was expected. The more I can get this guy's trust, the easier this should be, Alex thought to himself as he was pointed towards the changing rooms and lockers while the stationmaster as it were proceeded to ignore his subordinates attempts to explain the roles, motioning them to meet him at the train, the human could note just how much influence the 'manservant of the afterlife' had in this station.

Heading for the rooms, he was also one to notice he appeared to be the centre of attention, and why not? Here he was, freshly deceased - Arceus, that one still felt surreal - amidst a complex of dour undead, an ocean of despondent souls and countless wisps of either innocent children or pokemon, many of which had been here since the fire those few decades ago. It would crush most, but at the same time he came to the theme park in search of answers to the fire itself, and stumbled into something of much greater concern. However, he was in these rooms for one reason: the lockers. One suit within was too tight, another too baggy, while the third seemed suspiciously perfect a fit, if a little on the rank side. Alex thankfully still had his bag with him, and as he grabbed the kit and went to change, opting to put his current clothing into his bag, he rifled through the kit's contents.

A flashlight without batteries that worked perfectly fine. Locker key #427. Some sort of shrivelled root. Most disturbing, a thick and hefty femur, which seemed to be the perfect fit for something like a Cubone or Marowak. "I guess this could be of use someday?" he mused, pocketing the objects as he changed.

A couple of moments later, Alex had changed into the uniform, as much as it made him shiver nervously. He had heard of stepping into a dead man's shoes, but not as literally as this. He paused, before ducking round the corner to the alcove, and to the wisp which had waited for him patiently, and began to bob a little as he approached. "Alright, we've got onto the crew. I doubt I'll get switchboard access, so I'm going to want to have an eye of sorts on the switchboard tower. You think you can circle the tower, just out of sight, and try and distract whoever's in there when the train's at the turntable, get them to make a mistake or something?"

He wasn't sure about this, but even without a physical form the wisp could bump an arm and force actions to further his own ploy. Nodding, Alex returned and headed for the two zombies from before, who seemed to be discussing something with some concerns. At his approach, one of them offered condolences towards him and the fact he was working, while the other was more supportive in the other direction, albeit at leaving Alex's troubles to himself. The pair introduced themselves as Glamr and Gjen, as he nodded and gave his own name to them, while looking over the famiiar sight of the carriages of the train that brought him to this forsaken land.

Glamr then proceeded to explain the roles. A steerer in the train, someone on switchboard, and a lookout whose job was to monitor the train, ensuring no trespassers got on board, as well as clearing the tracks if needed. The trainer nodded in acknowledgement, before Gjen became rather pessimistic, only for Glamr to retaliate with the mention of Virgil, and reconfirming the train as not being theirs, something Alex was aware of, before the zombie explained why they wanted a third set of eyes: neither trusted the train, and it felt evil to him.

And then, as expected, he was assigned the role of lookout, on the grounds that he was still new here. While the skeleton from before wanted him to grab the key, he had the feeling that would only cause trouble, possibly even invoking the wrath of Virgil. Gjen would be the one with the key, but in a way he wasn't bothered by this too much. No, the pair were gifting him one hell of an opportunity to check the train in greater detail. It brought him here from the realm of the living, and had the power to return him there, but between the countless masses of souls and apparent lack of outbound trains for paradise...

"Sure, I can run lookout, I guess. Not sure why there's much concern over Virgil though...sure, my first impressions of him were him shoving a hellhound in my face barking at me to get off this train here I came in on - alive, I should add - but I was still groggy..." he replied, putting hand to chin in thought. "I'm guessing he's always been in charge here, by...whatever put him in charge? Gimme a sec or two to suss things out with my guys, I'll say when we're good to go."

While waiting for their response, Alex fumbled for his belt, counting his pokemon and confirmed all were accounted for. Mjolnir and Paine were fine, if hurt, and while Tantalia had escaped the entry fee unscathed, what the unknown skeleton said meant that she'd only begin to decay on release, thus she had to be utilised with care. Thankfully, Alex had pokemon suited to this situation. After all, he'd have been a fool not to enter a place with a name like Phantom Isle without a phantom or two in tow...

The Ghost Ball in hand, he released the occupant into the midst of the underworld, knowing that it was perhaps a little hypocritical of him to possess a pokemon said to be a carrier of lost souls to the spirit world, but he didn't mind too much. The Dusknoir stretched her arms, before looking around at her surroundings, at the two zombies, and at Alex, before making an excellent attempt to stifle her grim laughter. "Lapis, serious time," he whispered harshly, "maybe for you being dead's a casual matter, but I'd prefer to keep my dignity. We've been tasked with ensuring the train remains clear of threats, yet at the same time I want to have a closer look through this train and to keep others off my back. Utilise your foresight to keep a bead on those guys over there as we head on, and around us, and if there's blockages on the tracks, persuade them off with some psychic force."

Alex's plan was to have tabs on Gjen, yet to have a closer look at the locomotive the brought him here, and the apparent evil within. He wasn't one for superstition, but if the pair were correct, then this train was more than what meets the eye. He was also aware that Virgil could pose problems, but if push came to shove, at least this time he was lucid and ready for a fight. This train...there's definitely something about it that it came to the isles for two living if it's somehow alive, and wants help it can't get from the dead...
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