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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(“Hey Maudlin, what are you writing down?” *Dead Rattata says nothing.* “A bucket list?”)
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The Park

You repeated the words over in your head, committing them to memory as you lead Wisp and the Hex Maniac down the stairs to the temple’s perimeter. With what you hoped to be the last time, you ordered another Haze to obscure the field. You step outside and witness a vast swarm of Watchers floating lazily past another, homing in closer on your location but not yet finding you. Even the Hex maniac’s eyes widen in shock at the sight as he chokes. Wisp blows the fog per instructions and the Haze obscures the field in a manner of seconds. The Watchers are slowly obscured by the prevailing mist but you detect that one or two noticed the move and were coming in your direction.

You quickly set into a sprint to avoid them, the Hex Maniac swearing under his breath that the plan wouldn’t work. You sped into the direction of one of the corridors and got close, when a large looming hand popped up all-of -sudden to your side. It was too late to try and get away.

“Lampent, Shadow Ball,” you hear your ally call out. You noticed a flash of light and a new shade emerging, unrecognizable through the dew. An attack was swiftly launched to strike the thick, grey hand. The Watcher stopped dead in its tracks and faded from existence. Another flash was made and the shade disappeared. The Hex Maniac grabbed you by the hand. “They know where we are now, let’s go! Lead the way.”

You led your companions down the chosen path. One. Two. To the left. The path ahead was long. To your back you noticed the Watchers following your general direction, though they appeared to have no direct sense of where you were. One. Two. Three. To the right. You made a beeline around the corner. You had been running for minutes now, and you felt you were close.

Almost there. The Hex maniac quickly grabs you by the hand and shoves you against a wall. Just in time as another Watcher drifted closely by. It disappeared around the bend and you set out to continue. You were at the crumbled city’s edge. You ran further, out of the city’s perimeter, gaping for breath, and then all of a sudden turn the last corner and bump into a tiny figure, causing you to fall flat on your back. The little white creature did the same, then looked up at you, and shivered in desperate shock.



You noticed the troupe of Pokémon a little further up as well, hiding amongst some broken rubble. They look at one another in puzzlement, then you, your Pokémon and your Hex Maniac ally. Getting up from the ground startled the troupe and most of them decided to sped off in the opposite direction away from you. The little white Pokémon with the green helmet tried to pick itself up and join its friends when it fell again, giving a rather nasty cough after.

“These must be the young souls who died in their previous life,” the Hex maniac explains with slight wonder. “You rarely see many of them in these lands.” He tries to explain to you a bit more: “When a body perishes, its soul is carried away for judgement, but those who have not yet lived a full life ready for judgement are sent to limbo; this place. It is here they must wait until they reach of age or commit a great accomplishment worthy of judgement…or a great deed of evil.”

“So?” the spiritualist asks. “What is it you want to do know? You wanted to find the Pokémon, here they are. We can quickly catch up with the others who ran if you’d want.” The little Ralts did nothing other than stare at you nervously with an occasional cough, visibly shaken up. “The citadel and artefact should be nearby, but that is in another direction from where they’re running. Strange though,” he ponders for a moment. “The citadel should be close by, I can even sense its great power. So why can’t we see it? We can’t risk you staying much longer here, we’d better go.”

What do you do?

Austin just watched the Pokemon for a moment. The way they ran, the way they acted. There were like kids, in a sense, lost and alone. It was refreshing to just pause and watch, to say the least, considering how he just traversed through that labyrinth. The Hex Maniac said that they were the souls of those deemed to young to be judged. Were they then the children who died during that fateful day? From where the Phantom Isles went from an amusement park to a land of horror and the dead. It would make sense, that they were stuck here then. Was that why he was here too? Because his life was deemed too insignificant to properly judge?

He heard the Ralts cough, and could sense it was scared of him. Did this cough come from life? That such a thing would persist through death? It was hard to tell. Though, it must've been a long time since the little troupe of Pokemon had human contact. True human contact, besides each other. Stuck in this land of gray, having to avoid hands and other dangers. They were remnants of an age long gone, with only the only thing attached to their memory is their death.

"Hey little guy, don't be afraid. I can help you catch up to your friends, if you want me to. I just wanted to know why you guys surrounded me when I was unconscious. Were you all perhaps worried about me? Worried that I would suffer the same fate? I don't really remember much about my early life, so I guess I would be stuck here with all of you. This guy here knows a way out, and I'm intending on taking it. If I could help you guys out too... I will. I know how important it is to not forget, and also to not be forgotten," Austin told the small Pokemon, bending down onto his knee while talking to it. He then got an idea, and grabbed Kai's Pokeball. He let out the Pachirisu, who at first freaked out before seeing the Ralts.

"This is Kai. While he is a bit of a scaredy cat, he's quite sweet and caring around others who feel the same way," the teen explained as the Pachirisu walked over and started to talk to the Ralts. With that done with, Austin turned to the Hex Maniac.

"Okay, let's go. We're close right? Lead the way."

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