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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(The room is filled with a fog or haze or mist of some kind. “Maudlin, did you pass wind?” *Dead Rattata says nothing*)

~Please reply in Slategray~

Your plan had failed and the grey hand was looming closer with its grasp. You quickly called forth your Litwick. "Wisp! Use Haze now!"

The Liwick puffed his cheeks and blew a vast and cold mist that immediately obscured the space between you. You tore off your mask and threw it towards the hand, thne grabbed the Hex Maniac by the hand and sped off in the other direction. The grey hand lurched forward and took a hold of the discarded mask mid-air. Its fingers twitched as it sampled what it had taken, stopping dead in its tracks before the sight of it disappeared in the Haze while you distanced yourself. You explained your plan to your ally. Perhaps if he couldn’t foresee the location of the Watchers, he could still lead the way with his psychic vision, believing the channeling of his spirit may grant him vision on the field. The two of you threw yourselves past walls and ruins one by one as you inched deeper into the labyrinth to get away from your attacker, the Haze creeping up as it expanded amongst the corridors and tunnels.

Eventually, when the two of you believe you’ve gained enough distance, the Hex maniac stops to rest against a wall, allowing you to catch your breath as well. The Hex Maniac pants in between his breath, as he finally manages to try and talk again. “I… can’t,” he stopped to take in another lungful of air, “see what’s ahead. It’s not like…” he pants, “I have some sudden psychic vision of what’s to come.” It would seem this plan was going to fail as well. “But,” his mischievous grin returned, “…I do know the lay-out of this place somewhat, even if I can’t see the Watchers.” He clasps your hand and pulls his face uncomfortably close to yours again. “Come on, I know where we can go,” he pulls you further along. “I don’t think the Watchers use sight to track people, they’re more like sharks who can sense a presence, but the Haze. I can sense it obscuring the vision in this area, even if only slightly.” You were pulled around a corner where another grey hand loomed up ahead, inching closer ever so slowly. True to your command, Wisp expelled another blow of mist to veil your position. “This way,” the Hex maniac pulls you in a different direction.

The plan was working, if only slightly. The presence of the Watchers was growing as more and more seemed to crop up each time, but with Wisps’ Haze and your spiritual guide leading you, you wormed your way back and forth between the corroding walls and ruined temples, escaping their clutches by an inch of a hair each time. (Player is free to describe these details somewhat)

With your back against, a wall, the two of you had to stop for breath again. The Hex Maniac leaned his head around the bend to look up ahead and cursed under his breath. He whispered to you to use Haze again, and after doing so realized why. The spiritualist crept away from the corner back to you, and a dark looming figure floated past you gently. He placed a finger against his mouth to urge you to be quiet. The Watcher wasn’t more than a few feet away from you and good easily grab a hold of you if it wanted to. You were urged to back away slowly through the mist, when you were stopped once again. Up ahead in the other direction, another Watcher loomed as it neared you. You were trapped between the two it seemed. The Hex Maniac muttered a bit under his breath, then took you by the hand as he led you back the way you came from, in exactly the opposite direction you needed to go. You slowly snuck past for a while, then suddenly sped off around corners and bends, following your guide.

You came upon a church of some kind, a basilica more precise, ruined from top to bottom in a decaying fashion that looked like a feather’s touch might make it implode. You were urged to get inside as behind and to both your sides you saw multiple Watchers hovering gently above the ground and converging to your location. Inside the church, a tattered display of dust and light spilling on rotten wood and chipped cobblestone, the Hex Maniac led you to the basilica’s staircase that spiraled with a narrow corridor to the highest tower. The staits were as corroded as the rest of the land and you had to be careful about your steps to ensure you wouldn’t fall as loose pieces of stone crumbled away under your foot.

Once at the top, you find out why the Hex Maniac led you to this location. It was single-handedly one of the highest vantage points you could have of the area. There was a small balcony surrounding the top, granting you a bird’s eye-view of your surroundings in all directions. As far as you could tell, you were dead-centre in the labyrinth, having come half-way on your journey. The small troupe of Pokémon you saw before were close now than before, and not too far off in the direction you were heading; towards the citadels’ temple that supposedly held the key to your escape. But wherever you looked, you couldn’t see it yet. Below, you could easily make out passageways you could take, and the dense presence of the Watchers and their surveilling path, thickest at the borders of your basilica. Other churches, temples and synagogues sprouted from the ground in half-erect fashion, each carrying its own towers.

You had come halfway so far, and could use this break to plan the next leg of your journey. You have a view of the maze-like structure of the city, enough to remember one or two paths you could take to the other side, but not enough to be able to remember every passageway. There are also other buildings you can use to hide in or traverse towards somehow if you need. You also have a small sense of the paths the Watchers use in their surveillance, in case it helps. Enough to avoid most, but not all of them, and the many that surrounded your current building would not allow you to escape without being detected by at least one. Wisp can continue using Haze but he might run out of breath at one point, forcing you to come up with a second strategy in case it would be needed.

What's your plan?
His strategy seemed to be working, at least for now. Though Austin wasn't exactly comfortable with how close they were getting to the Watchers. Each time his little group barely managed to escape on of the flying death hands with the skin of their teeth. His breath also got worse, due to lack of hard exercise and the hazy air he was breathing in from Wisp. The Hex Maniac eventually managed to get them to a dilapidated basilica, though quickly urged him to get inside. The raven haired teen soon realized why, and saw multiple Watchers converging on the area. After the last encounter where one was inches away from him, he was more than willing to enter the safe haven.

He looked at the ruins before him, and saw a sense of transient beauty in them. Even as the building was decayed and dust-covered, it still held a sense of its former beauty. There was certainly something about this place that felt... familiar to him. Maybe it wasn't in particular this location, but this sense of overwhelming beauty and awe. He was snapped out of his little trance as his companion grabbed his hand, and led him up a stairwell. Austin was worried with each step the stairs would collapse under him, but they didn't. When they reached the top, he understood why. This was an amazing vantage point... He could see a lot more of the labyrinth than he could previously. From what he could see, this was a safe-haven in the center of the winding tunnels. Though there wasn't Ariadne's Thread to save him here. Even if there wasn't a Minotaur here... The Watchers proved to be a deadly enough threat that he was glad there wasn't one. He could see the Pokemon troupe he was seeking, and they seemed to have the same end location as him. Perhaps they were looking to leave this realm as well.

He took his time surveying the routines of the Watchers. They seemed to be on a set patrol path. The more he studied them, the more they looked like automata to him. Security Robots set up by whatever was here to... protect something. Most likely the artifact the Hex Maniac was talking about. While he knew he couldn't memorize all of their routes, he knew he could memorize the arguably safest route. At least, the safest from this position. He spent his time watching the hands, and then deducted the best way to go from the basilica.

"Right... Second Left... Third Right..." Austin began to spoke to the Hex Maniac and Wisp. "That's about as far as I can see for now, but that route looks to be the safest for now. I've watched them cycle through twice now, and I haven't seen any of those fucking hands go through those points. So... let's go."

Austin then motioned both Wisp and the Hex Maniac to follow him. He started to go down the stairs, repeating what he said in his mind. Right. Second Left. Third Right. Right. Second Left. Third Right. That looked to be the safest way for now, but why? Were the hands avoiding something lurking in the labyrinth? What would be there that would even scare them? Whatever it was, if he had to fight it to get out so be it.

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