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Keith's Final Chapter

Myrtle released a piercing Screech from her mouth, a sound that should have disturbed any hearing it. Over the roar of the shadow storm created though, the Screech’s effects were reduced somewhat and only made the ghost boy sneer furiously before angrily tossing more lightning towards Banette for some more light damage. Myrtle immediately danced her way into her next move and disappeared into the shadows before surprising the boy from behind suddenly and forcefully tackling him. The boy twisted form the force of the attack and regained his floating balance to turn towards the Banette. He stretched an arm in her direction but Myrtle was quick to continue into her next attack and coated herself in Flying-type energy. She immediately lurched upwards and past the ghost, avoiding the tendrils of dark electricity that were just thrown at her position.

“Quickly Myrtle!” one of the ghosts wailed.

Myrtle immediately zipped around in a somersaulting fashion and then dived furiously towards her opponent, charged with the energy she had accumulated before landing the Sky Attack. There was some resistance as the boy tried to push off Myrtle and the two struggled for a moment, shoving one another, when Myrtle’s attack persevered and pierced straight through the boy. A gaping hole was left in the spectral being’s shape where Myrtle had just bored her way through. Dark energy surged from the hole and into the dark portal above.

“NO!” he roared in defiance at what had happened. The gaping hole in his chest grew larger as the dark fabric tore violently away from his body. The shadows that emerged from the Malamar’s body now ripped themselves furiously and the storm grew further in size.

From where you where, you saw the body of the Malamar shrinking in size as more of the dark energy tore itself from his aura. Shadows started erupting from the ghost kid’s spirit, ripping themselves off. He shouted in anger at your and Myrtle. “You can’t leave! You cheated!”

“It’s not fair!” There was a clear hint of panic in his voice this time, as his and his Malamar’s body eroded in thin air. “It’s not fair,” he repeated. “You cheated.” The storm of shadow and electricity absorbed even more from your two opponents, removing their legs, their arms, their torso and then finally the rest of them, the child’s eyes set on you with angry defiance of what was happening to it.

“You can’t-“

As soon as the last of their two bodies was soaked up into the gaping hole above, the storm settled but the ominous glow of the portal remained.

“You did it mister!” The ghost all cheered for you, and their Inkays, now woken up, joined in their celebration of you.

Slowly, you saw the colours of the portal shift. The dark glow receded and brilliant white light started pouring out of it. First it was a pinprick, but soon afterwards a glittering ray of light as harsh as the sun beamed down from it, too brilliant to even want to look at it.

“What is that?” one of the kids asked. She floated up higher towards the ceiling, towards the beaming light.

“Wait Henry! It might be dangerous.”

The girl merely looked on in awe at the beaming light, then looked down at the others. “Don’t you hear that? Listen.”

The group remained quiet for a while, but you heard nothing.

“Yeah, I do” one of the others said with amazement. He too floated up and stopped beside his partner. “Come on guys, you can hear it really well when you’re close.” The other two children tore themselves away from their Inkay, who tried desperately to hold onto them and protest them getting near it. They paid no mind to their partner Pokémon though and gently floated up beside their friends.

“I can hear it…”one said. “It sounds like whispering.”

“It sounds like home,” one of the others said.

The Inkay called out to them pleadingly, fearful of what it was, but the begging fell on deaf ears. The ghosts slowly ascended up higher towards the beaming light, which suddenly erupted violently to cover the entire room, until nothing but white could be seen. The light was warm and soothing though. You didn’t know what was coming over you, but for a moment you and all your Pokémon felt peaceful. And then the feeling tore itself away from all of you. The ray of light reduced itself to a pinprick and then vanished into nothing, leaving no trace of the portal behind. All around you it was dead quiet, dust slowly settling in its place. There was not a trace of the Inkays, the ghosts, Tommy or the Malamar. Aside from the violently overthrown room, there was not an inkling of evidence of anything spiritual in the room. You and your Pokémon were completely alone in the room. The faint feeling you felt when the light appeared from the portal washed over you; a feeling of the room being at peace.


By the time you get outside, you notice the Hypno you saw earlier waiting for you, both his hand leaning on his diamond-headed cane. “So,” he says. “Did you find what you came for?” He looked at you with slight amazement. “I could feel the presence shift inside. You must have had quite the ordeal.” His face became one of dour contemplation. “Play is such an important part of life; wouldn’t you agree?” alluding to what he said the last time you met. “Life can be harsh, throwing you around and at times spit in your face. But it’s the small moments, the ones in which you engage in games that may at times make it all seem worth it. Don’t you agree?”

“The children here were trapped, obviously. This island doesn’t allow much in the way of passage for the spirits. I had hoped that by keeping them inside, they wouldn’t have to face the world and realize this on their own. But their sanity might slowly wither away if something weren’t to happen soon. I’ve seen it happen before, spirits that have been outraged at their deaths, ghost in turmoil at remaining trapped in a world they don’t belong any more. There is a similar such presence at the heart of this island; the Ghost Train, where it all started. I had hoped that allowing you entry into the building, you might have entertained the children somewhat, give them some small piece of mind. But never would I have imagined you’d do more than that. I can’t detect their presence inside the building any more. They must have moved on. See for yourself,” he looks up towards the skies. Above you loomed the ominous dark clouds of Phantom Isle, the ones that had come so soon after the spectral catastrophe struck the island, never having left since. But you note a small parting in between the clouds, where light after all these years managed to shine down onto the Funhouse. The moment last only briefly, as the small opening was easily overcame by the thick blanket surrounding it, but the hint of a small gap remained.

“Still,” he said solemnly. “Not all the children were saved, were they? I could feel one lashing out at you in anger. You must have done something terrible to upset him like that. I fear his spirit has been broken and destroyed, lost to the ether for all eternity.” He takes his top hat, rests it against his chest and closes his eyes; paying respect to the dead.

“But I can’t fault you entirely for this,” he swivels his hat back on top of his head. “You weren’t alone in this endeavor. Speaking of which…” You were suddenly surprised by two paper-thin tentacles wrapping around your eyes. Myrtle and Meowth were equally startled by having the same done to them.

“Ink-inkay,” they cheerfully chirp as they release their hold and float towards the Hypno.

“Yes, you did a fine job, all of you. Thank you."

“Ink-inkay” one of them chirps and points a tentacle in your direction.

“Hmm, I see. I’m not surprised you’d want to. Go ahead, you earned it.”

“Ink-Inkay!” it said loudly.

“This Inkay appears to be thoroughly impressed by you,” the Hypno says. “I had initially provided them with the task of looking after the children, but with them gone now these Inkay are looking for a new purpose. They want to know if they can join you.”


The Hypno chuckles a bit. “He seems to be interested in knowing what you’re going to do next. But first…” He lifts his cane and swiftly smacks it down, narrowly missing you. For a brief moment you thought he was about to attack you when you suddenly notice the Malamar had appeared by your side, having returned to its normal size.”

“Maaal!” it cried as the diamond-head connected with his top. It gently rubbed its scalp in pain.

“You were supposed to look after the children, not be their puppet.” The Hypno let the words rest for a while. “And now the child is gone, forever.”

“Maaalll.” The Malamar appeared to be equally saddened by that fact.

“I will have to look what to do with you later. For now though,” he turns back to you, “I’ll provide you this as my offering of thanks, and bid you farewell.” Just like with the walkie-talkies, he conjured up a plastic disc in his hand and gave it to you. Each of the four Inkay also gave you a small something as their thanks. The Hypno then produced a dark purple flame around himself, the Malamar and the Inkay, consuming them entirely before vanishing along with them.

You were left in the quiet and desolated park of Phantom Isle. The small opening above the Funhouse barely visible, but a constant reminder of what you had accomplished. Phantom Isle was long away from being cleansed entirely, but you had somehow managed to struck a small blow in its favour.

~The End~

Final Summary:
’Mega’ Malamar Boss Battle:
1 Banettite
2 Rare Candies for Hedwig the Crobat
1 Level for Salazar the Scolipede
2 Levels for Myrtle the Banette

Funhouse Tricks (4/5 completed):
4 Pearls worth $400 each

Completion Bonus (31 Updates):
1 TM Trick Room
1 Lv.10 Male Inkay (Optional)
1 Geode for Base Decoration
3 Toy Walkie-talkies as memorabilia


Epilogue 1.0
The Hypno trotted on through the empty hallways of the sixth floor, his cane tapping along his stride with an echoing rhythm, practically announcing his coming. He came up to the room he was looking for and entered. The room was entirely covered in darkness, with the only light coming from the monitors that were arranged erratically along the wall. Each of the monitors projected security footage of the park. Lone trainers and their Pokémon could be seen running about, the cameras gently moving with them so that each of their actions were properly followed. There was a girl and a Houndour heading for the Mantine Mania. Two other trainers were both heading for the Ghost Train, though the security tag revealed it to have been a recording and not live. There was another girl about to head into the Fortune Teller’s Tent. He would have to quickly intercept her before it was too late. He had already made the same mistake with those other two. He would still have to answer for that.

But the Hypno’s sight didn’t fall on the monitors for long. He was accustomed to them and well aware of the current situations. Instead his attention immediately fell on the creature behind the desk which was closely examining the screens. The Hypno bent down on one knee. “Master,” he waited for a reply. The creature kept its focus on the monitors. “I have returned from the Funhouse.” He waited for a while. “Camera 2-C.” The creature said nothing, but one of the security screens rewound itself. The events of Keith Golbatson Masters played out on the screen. His meet-up with the Hypno, Nero as he was called, and a few stray events of the ongoings inside the building, though only those where its Topsy-Turvy effects didn’t interrupt the cameras. Finally, the entrance popped up again, and a huge beam of light descended down on the building. This was what Nero came to report.

“Master,” he tries again. “The Funhouse.”

The creature gave a low moan, turned and came up close to his subordinate, the light of the monitors spilling on his large body to reveal the reaper. “Dusk-noir?”

“Yes, master. Our plan. It worked.”

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