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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
~Please reply in Slategray~

The Park

Missingo Master: 3/6 Pokémon: Meowth, Myrtle, Salazar, Hedwig, Dudley, Fang

A shimmer of light surrounded the Banette as strange energy poured from your Mega Hat towards the crystal Myrtle was holding. With a strong sounding boom and a crack, the shimmer died down to reveal Myrtle’s Mega form.

"Ready, now, Myrtle?" you asked.

"Na-tu-ral-ly, Meat Sack."

Myrtle the Lv.47 Mega Banette


Lv.50 "Mega" Malamar & Lv.??? Ghost
48.5% & 100%
+1.5 Atk?

Then let's do this!" you exclaimed.

"Myrtle, use Foul Play!”

Myrtle darted in towards her opponent. The ghost boy sneered darkly at her in turn. “Malamar, attack!”

“Mal-a-mar,” it cackled as it charged it’s attack. It’s two tentacles lashed out towards the Banette who in turn was cloaking herself in a dark energy. Just when the two were close to one another, the Banette easily avoided the Malamar’s first strike and grabbed a hold of his two tentacles. Fueled by the dark aura, she threw lunged them back towards her opponent in a Foul Play. Holding her grip on the two arms, she repeatedly slapped her opponent silly with his own strength.

"Yeah!" one of the other children erupted.

"Go Myrtle!" one of the others chimed in.

“Enough!” the boy shouted. He threw an arm up in the air and conjured up a giant dark disc on the ceiling. Strange shadows swirled around it’s center and etching of mystic symbols appeared on its side. Before either you or Myrtle knew what it was, small cackles of electricity poured out off it that struck the Banette dead-on with some light neutral damage, causing her grip to slip on one of the arms. The Malamar instinctively made immediate use of this and lashed out at his opponent. Myrtle was staggered back and forced off completely by the impromptu Psycho Cut.

“Follow up with Shadow Bolt!”

Myrtle obeyed and threw off a lightning crackle of her own at her opponent. The electric Bolt surged towards the Malamar with a dark cloak of Shadow, zapping the squid qith a super-effective blow, though one that was diminished in power due to it not being a same-type move as the non-Shadow Mega Banette, nor one that was her natural move, but it mattered little. This battle was going to be yours one way or another.

The dark portal remained looming ominously above the battlefield as the ghost child commanded his Malamar. “Attack!” he ordered fiercely. The Malamar instantly went into his all-familiar move of Superpower, charging his dark aura before plummeting his giant body into the smaller Banette. Within the confines of the Topsy-Turvy world, this meant it was a super-effective blow though one that didn’t hit nearly as hard as it did Salazar or Hedwig. Myrtle was not out yet.

“Malamar, again!”

“Give it a taste of your Phantom Force attack!"

The Malamar prepped his aura and charged hastily towards the Banette, but just when he got up close the ghost-type vanished in thin-air. The Overturning Pokémon immediately has to break to stop himself from crashing into the wall. It looked around confusingly, attempting to find the missing Banette, when it suddenly vomited once more. Toxic had struck its third turn. Myrtle immediately reappeared afterwards and gave a Forceful Phantom-like tackle into his gut, knocking the wind out of her opponent and forcing it back and off its feet. The gargantuan body crashed into the floor, knocked out.

“NO!” the ghost boy shouted in anger. He turned his focus to Myrtle and conjured up another crackle of electricity from his portal, ready to strike. The dark aura surrounding the Malamar was fading slowly, and lifted itself gently from its body towards the mysterious portal, then suddenly ripped itself off in a frantic surge. Gust of wind erupted from the center, and electricity surged in all directions, causing everyone to look for cover. “You can’t leave!” the kid panicked once more.

“What’s happening?” one of the other children begged for answers.

The battle wasn’t over and you still had a last opponent to deal with. A minor threat, but one that managed to create a portal of dark energy to conjure lightning from.

“Mister!” one of the kids shouted towards you over the roar of cyclone that was created. “Help! It’s trying to take us!” The four of them were holding on tightly to one another and the pieces of furniture, as the portal’s storm created a vortex that was slowly sucking them in. Even Myrtle could feel the tug on her ghostly being.

Around you, small pieces of furniture cracked and splintered as they were ripped off by the gales of dark lightning that now arced the room. “You can’t leave! You cheated!”

How do you want to do this?
Keith could not help but grin. And why not? Myrtle's Mega Evolution signaled a shift in the battle's direction, and this became blatantly obvious as Myrtle started to attack. She turned Malamar's own attack on itself with a picture-perfect Foul Play, using the Overturning Pokémon's formidable strength against itself. The ghost kids were cheering for Myrtle by this point, which brought a small, genuine smile to the Mega Banette's zipper mouth. She followed up with Shadow Bolt, took a super effective Superpower beautifully, and then went for the Phantom Force, which was not only one of Myrtle's strongest attacks, but also had he added effect, as Keith knew full well, of prolonging the effects of Toxic for maximum damage.

And at long last, Myrtle reappeared, slamming into Malamar... and knocking it not only down, but also out. "Yes!" Keith cheered, but the victory was short-lived, for, quite predictably, Tommy was being a very, very poor sport about losing the battle. In desperation, he started doing something with the dark portal from earlier- now it was firing great arcs of lightning, and it was starting to suck in everything else in the room. Ghosts included. "Meat Sack!" Myrtle exclaimed, still in her Mega Evolved state (for it was abundantly clear this fight was not yet over). "It is try-ing to suck me in as well!"

One of the ghost children piped up as well, pleading for Keith's help. "I got this, don't worry!" Keith called back, while his mind raced frantically, trying to figure out just how he would back up these words. It was becoming clearer and clearer that he had to attack the sore loser ghost boy...

"Some-time to-day, Meat Sack, hmmm?" Myrtle called with a mixture of desperation and irritated impatience.

"Alright, let's try this, then!" Keith replied. "Myrtle, try and break his concentration with Screech! If that doesn't do the trick, we'll have to fight, so use Feint Attack, then follow it up with Sky Attack!!"

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