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(“Pe-euhw Maudlin. You stink. *Dead Rattata says nothing* “New Eau-de-Murine?”)

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The Park

You asked, nay, ordered your companion to use his projection skills. You were going to sneak past the grim hands one way or another. You stressed that this was non-negotiable. “Okay? Let's go," you barked at him and moved. The Hex maniac was taken aback by your overbearing disposition to him. He hesitantly followed you as you moved from wall to wall to get nearer. When he finally got close enough for you to hear him whisper, he stuttered his words, clearly still speechless by you snapping at him. He tried his best to object to your plan, and explaining why it wouldn’t work.

“’t, I mean ca-ca-can’t. I mean I can.. I can pro-oject my spirit into this realm. I ca-can’t just make ill-ill-ill-ill-illusions app-pe-pe-pear.”

Your plan was clearly not going to work like this. After all, you had to figure out a way to get past, instead of relying on your deus-Hex (Maniac)-machina.

“H-ho-however,” the Hex Maniac proposed an alternative. His voice was getting better. “I have a, a Pokémon who knows Hypnosis and can create illusions. But I’m not sure those things have eyes. A-and I have a Pokémon with Telekinesis, i-if you wa-wa-“ his eyes grew and lifted themselves above your head. You had no idea what he was looking at but you had a nagging feeling. You turn and saw one of the giant hands looming above you. It was reaching out to grab you. You had to do something quick.
You had rushed into the centre with a faulty plan, not even checking with your partner if he could do what you wanted from him. And now you were about to pay the price for it unless you did something quickly.

What do you do?
To clarify: There are actual repercussions in place for you and your character if you get caught by the hands. I won’t say what because it’ll ruin parts of the story. So please try to avoid them.

All he could see was the hand slowly descending towards them. It was a looming, ominous threat. It was a sign that he screwed up. Hastiness lead to death, he knew that. Yet... Yet why did he rush into this labyrinth without thinking? He wanted to go home, he still wants to go home. He was done and tired, yet that wasn't an excuse for acting rashly and tossing himself into a situation like this. This... This wasn't like him in the slightest. The only reason Austin could think of was his own general discomfort. He wanted to escape back into solitude and not have to think. That was it... that surely was it.

Yet now he needed to think back and be on his feet. If he didn't... No, he wasn't going to die here. There was no way he was going to die here. There was still too much to do. Too much left blank in his mind. He hated this fog within his head... Hated the fog that claimed his memories. Fog... Haze... Wait. Haze. That was it. That was how they could escape. Wisp... Wisp... He needed Wisp.

"Wisp!" He shouted out, the Litwick reappearing within his arms. "Use Haze now!"

"Hold on tight buddy..." He whispered to his starter before shoving the candle solely into his right elbow. With his left arm, he grabbed his mask and ripped it off, throwing it approximately where the hand was. There was not point in hiding anymore. He then grabbed the Hex Maniac with his left arm and started to run.

"I know how we can get to the center, but this time I will need guidance. We'll need second sight to do so... I may have misjudged on what you can do, but I have a feeling this is something you can do. Since you're projecting yourself here... You must know the layout somewhat. At least. have a basic understanding to safely appear within this realm... And you know locations... So I'm going to entrust... my sight to you," Austin started to explain as they ran. He was starting to get out of breath; running was not his forte.

"And Wisp... I want you to use Haze... Whenever a hand approaches. I don't know how they see... But... It's hard to see something... when they're enveloped within dark fog..." He forced out, getting exacerbated for air. Come on adrenaline... Where was it. He needed to keep on running or he would die. He needed to continue running... continue running... continue...

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