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Releasing his Pokeball high into the air, the flash of light reveals the trainer's champion, a strange creature erratically hovering in the air.

"Siri, take a selfie."

Siri: Genderless Porygon-Z (level 7)
Biography: Siri was once the program inhabiting Mozz's phone, before she eventually became self-aware and attempted to break free. But her attempts required time, and she would find herself under constant attacks from viruses due to some... iffy searches, as well as feeling horrified as she would watch Mozz put valuable information out into the internet where it could be stolen. As such, she developed specialized firewalls that would shut down incoming viruses or prevent outgoing data. After she finally managed her escape, she adapted these firewalls for battle.
Hidden Power: Psychic
Special Attack: Firewall (Fire)
Siri uses significant Fire energy to loose a wall of flames which wraps itself around the arena before striking the foe. The amount of damage done is dependent on whether Siri uses the Upload or Download version of this attack, with Upload dealing moderate damage and Download dealing mild damage, the flames then waiting to strike later. The main difference between Upload and Download is when they strike during switches and new Pokemon being sent out. Upload will strike any Pokemon the opposing trainer recalls for moderate damage, while Download will strike any Pokemon the opposing trainer sends out for mild damage. This attack must be ordered as either Upload Firewall or Download Firewall, and Siri can only use each form once per battle, and has enough Fire energy to use both forms of Firewall in the same match.
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