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If you insist on using Gardevoir, I would encourage you to retool the team around the UU environment and to play in UU matches instead of OU ones.

The Pro: you not only get to use your beloved Gardevoir but you get to use her well

The Con: a number of the Pokémon on your current line-up are OU and thus not allowed in UU teams

That's kind of the situation with Gardevoir: she either sputters in OU or else she soars in UU and you have to decide which matters more to you, playing in the OU environment or playing in an environment where Gardevoir can be considered a solid team member.

Since you've signed up for a Pokemon-Online account and since you say you've little to no competitive battling experience, my advice is what I think would be obvious: play-test things out. No better way to learn what does and doesn't work for you than to play.

I haven't been on Pokemon-Online in a long while, but if you'd like to play with people, let us know. Several people here have P-O accounts.
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