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Gardevoir as a lead is heavily outclassed by many others in the Reflect/Light Screen function. Uxie has higher defenses and has the added versatility of Yawn as pseudo-haze. Another option is also Bronzong who has the added bonus of being part Steel type, which dodges a lot of weaknesses compared to just Psychic typing. Both of those options also have Stealth Rock, which is an excellent leading move in the right situations.

I don't know anything about Gothitelle but the fact that it is your only Pokemon using Trick Room makes it less stellar than you might expect. If you set up Trick Room and the rest of your team is fast, it essentially nerfs your team until it wears off. Either you make a team that uses Trick Room or you don't. Randomly slipping in Trick Room doesn't help. Also, don't know what Magic Room is.

Mismagius and Jellicent are slightly redundant in your builds. Both have both Will-O-Wisp and Toxic, which is fairly wasteful since if an opponent is afflicted with one, they cannot be afflicted with the other. Will-O-Wisp is generally considered more useful in the situation where you weaken an opponent's attack in addition to minor burn damage, but Toxic is deadlier due to increasing damage. Both can become a liability when Guts is involved though.

Don't know what Wonder Room is either :x Sorry I haven't played Pokemon in a while so the new generation stuff is a bit alien to me.

In general, Mismagius is typically outclassed by Jellicent or Gengar except in a few niche uses like PerishTrapping.

Jellicent has better stats for defensive usage and Recover. Night Shade isn't my favorite move due to it's generally low damage as even the average sweeper can easily survive around 3 hits of 100 damage or sends in a normal type laugh at the nothing damage. Scald is a possible option as it does water damage and has a decent chance to burn. Most Flash Fire Pokemon who would take advantage of Will-O-Wisp would just be hit with a super effective STAB move instead. Don't remember what other moves it learns :x

Not sure about Chandelure being a physical wall due to the average 80 base defense, it's typing, and complete lack of healing, it really can't endure a lot. Fire typing gives it weakness to Ground, Water, and Rock, which are all very common in physical attackers. Also, Heat Wave should never be used over Flamethrower except in very few situations where you are specifically trying to get a higher damage average for killing certain counters. i.e. if Heat Wave can kill a Lucario while Flamethrower can't. These require a lot of damage calculation, but Flamethrower's accuracy will typically be more useful. And in situations where you're looking to hit harder, Overheat or Fireblast is probably just as good.

Gengar is a good Special Sweeper, so Will-O-Wisp is a fairly useless move as Gengar should be dishing out maximum damage, not minor ailments. Since you're playing on PO, you may as well give it Hidden Power Fire. Another option if to hold Choice Scarf/Specs and use Trick. This allows Gengar to be super fast (which Scarf) or more powerful (with Specs) and if you know a wall is coming to block, you can cripple it with a Tricked choice item.

Ghost options are fairly plentiful in Gen5. The addition of the Golurk makes an excellent physical attacker and Dusknoir, Spiritomb, or Cofagrigus are fairly useful as physical walls. Froslass is also a useful suicide lead with Spikes and Destiny Bond.
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