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Originally Posted by Son_of_Shadows View Post
So is Unown contributing AT ALL or?
Believe it or not, it has been pulling its weight. Obviously far from the strongest on the team, but it actually took out a good chunk of Koga and Bruno's teams by itself. Also helped out way back against Falkner- only needed it and Chikorita there- against Whitney's Clefairy, and Morty's Gastly, and it really pulled its weight in Mahogany Gym. Granted, all it did against Lance was land a single Hidden Power against Charizard, but overall, I can't say I regret adding Unown to the team. Made for a nice challenge while not being complete dead weight.

And now, here's how the battle against Lance went;

Stantler vs. Gyarados: Stantler outspeeds! Headbutt, Gyarados flinched. Tried a Hypnosis, failed, Gyarados set up Rain Dance. Next Hypnosis succeeded. Followed up with Nightmare. Landed another Headbutt. Gyarados sleeps through it, faints to the Nightmare.

Qwilfish vs. Dragonite: Aaand bringing on the Dragonite already. Only made sense to respond with the quad weakness, so I switched Stantler out for Qwilfish. This time... we did not outspeed. Dragonite OHKO'd with Thunder.

Stantler vs. Dragonite: So yeah, went back out to Stantler. The rain stopped at this point. We outspeed once more, land a Hypnosis on the first try. Follow it up with a Nightmare, and then just start spamming Headbutt. Dragonite falls to this. Stantler even grows to level 39 as a result!

Stantler vs. Dragonite: Yeah, he went for another Dragonite. Figured I'd try the same thing what worked on the first one, and sure enough, landed the first Hypnosis with no problem. Followed up with Nightmare, and started spamming Headbutt, with the same results as last time.

Sudowoodo vs. Aerodactyl: Yeah, I wasn't fool enough to think I outsped that thing. Switched to Sudowoodo, figured I'd take advantage of Sudowoodo's nice Defense. Went for Rock Slide, as did he- difference is, his Rock Slide actually hit. -__- So yeah, tried that again, with better results, actually did some amazing damage. Sudowoodo was low on health by now, so I used a Hyper Potion, and we ate another Rock Slide. And then another one as we went for Rock Slide, and Sudowoodo flinched. Because of course he did. Another Hyper Potion, took another Rock Slide, went for Rock Slide ourselves, took another Rock Slide first, and actually attacked with Rock Slide, and knocked Aerodactyl out! Sudowoodo even leveled up from that!

Unown vs. Charizard: Ordinarily I'd have left Sudowoodo in on this, but it's getting low on HP. And I wanted to give Unown a shot in this battle.It's actually gotten a thing or two done against the Elite Four, and I wanted to afford it the chance to contribute to this victory as well. And the Quick Claw kicked in straightaway, we landed a decent Hidden Power, and got OHKO'd by Flamethrower immediately after.

Togetic vs. Charizard: Used this opportunity to Hyper Potion Sudowoodo. Took a Flamethrower for our troubles, and even got burned. Even Togetic's high Sp. Def didn't save it from taking over half its health- suddenly Unown losing to this doesn't make it seem as pathetic. Got KO'd by Flamethrower the very next turn.

Sudowoodo vs. Charizard: Now Sudowoodo, here's a Pokémon who takes those Flamethrowers like a champ! Didn't even lose half its health, and finished off Charizard with Rock Slide!

Meganium vs. Dragonite: Made a switch just to throw up a Reflect against Lance's strongest, and was immediately force-fed a Fire Blast, which Meganium survived with 4 HP! She got burned, but thanks to how things worked back then, she didn't get immediately KO'd by burn damage, giving me a perfect chance to heal her up with a Full Restore. My aim was to paralyze with Body Slam. And then came the Outrage. Meganium took that much better, but the Body Slam didn't paralyze, and she fainted to Outrage.

Stantler vs. Dragonite: For the first time in this battle, I brought out Stantler against something he didn't outspeed. But Outrage didn't KO, which is nice. Less nice, however, is the fact that Hypnosis missed. Promptly went for the Hyper Potion, after which Dragonite hurt itself in its confusion. Went for Hypnosis again, after Dragonite hurt itself again, and this one hit! And then I went for Nightmare so of course Lance whips out the Full Freaking Restore. -__- Go for Hypnosis again, and certain death via Hyper Beam- STANTLER HELD ON WITH TWO HIT POINTS! Moreover, Dragonite couldn't possibly wake up the next turn, as it had to recharge, so guaranteed Nightmare! Used another Hyper Potion, Lance healed Dragonite with a Full Heal, but it... took Nightmare damage anyway?! What?! Uh... OK, Dragonite used Hyper Beam, this time OHKOing.

Sudowoodo vs. Dragonite: Dragonite recharged, taking Nightmare damage again despite being awake, Sudowoodo went for Rock Slide... missed. Not at full health, so I went for a Hyper Potion, and Dragonite went for Outrage, doing immense damage. But not enough to KO, so I went for another Hyper Potion. Sudowoodo hung on with 5 HP this time. Used yet another Hyper Potion- and Dragonite's taking Nightmare damage the whole time, here!- and Dragonite uses Outrage... And doesn't KO Sudowoodo! And faints from Nightmare damage! Sudowoodo grew to level 40 And I win! I WIN!! I WIN!!!!!

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