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I'm being fair to the Rockets because like I said, the NBA's perception has been massively deformed by Golden State's level of play. A lot of analysts and fans are subconsciously hyping up the Rockets/Cavs/Celtics beyond the gains they've made in the offseason because the season narrative desperately needs some kind of challenge.

I've heard the most recent offseason compared to "when Napoleon walked Europe", with the teams scrambling to try and assemble some kind of super team to challenge a never-before-seen threat level. It would be hugely anti-climactic to have that repeat 2016-2017.

I also chalk it up to some people not paying attention. If you haven't been following Golden State's games, you'd assume that the 26-6 record is due to the super death squad or MAYBE one All-Star sitting out. But it's been mostly the Warriors bench, due to the multiple injuries and the team's conservative nature toward them, and you already know from last year's playoffs what the final five can do.

The best way to evalute the Rocket's overall success - because they're a team - is their W/L and strength of schedule, not the individual lines of their All-Stars. Because in terms of pure numbers, 4 is greater than 2 or 3. And what I see, is the Warriors/Rockets have comparable records with the Rockets at full strength and GSW using their bench.

This isn't about Golden State "coasting" either, since that implies the All-Stars are underperforming but still winning. This is the bench playing at a high level, the All-Stars except Klay aren't even playing.

Also, this is the first place I heard Okafor was traded. Going to the Nets is funny.
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