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Originally Posted by phoopes View Post

He ruled out returning this year awhile ago, so sadly we won't get to see the Celtics at full power this season. That said, I still think the Celtics can really give the Cavs a run for their money. I just don't think that it'll be enough. Like you said LeBron is somehow playing some of the best basketball of his career, and Isaiah Thomas isn't even back yet. He's targeting a return by the beginning of April, I heard. That gives him about a few weeks to shake off the rust before the playoffs start, and I'd be hella scared of the Cavs in the playoffs. I think the Celtics take them to 7 games in the ECF, but ultimately Cavs go to the Finals again.
So, while the team ruled out a Hayward return this season, the rehab process has been going really well for him! (boot's been off for a couple of weeks), and he's actually said that he's open to a return if he's feeling good! I 100% do not want to rush him, but he's such a trooper, I wouldn't rule out a return altogether.

Isaiah's tweet about returning in April was a joke I think lol

He's targeting the first week of January, last I checked (which, for some unknown reason, is also the next Cavs Celtics matchup? how strange???)

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