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Ami looked slightly disappointed for a moment, but quickly cheered back up. "Well, feel free to take the stairs, then!" She took a step back into the dome, and was sucked into it almost instantly.

'...Oh.' He flushed as he turned it over. 'I couldn't see earlier, so...'

'So Rumpleteaser's your name?' Glimmer nodded. 'Follow me, then. I do hope our wild sisters don't mind having a bit of seafood later!' And with that, she turned to lead the way to the other side of the basement.

~ ~ ~

'Is dat so?'
Butternut shook his head. 'Yeah, not all humans are da nicest o' folks. I 'aven't seen any o' my brothers an' sisters fer... almost a yer, now.'

Elen chuckled. 'But wouldn't cooking your prey affect their blood somehow? That wouldn't be very nice for you!' He raised a major tentacle up to his face. 'As for me, I believe I'll be getting a few slicing moves. Not the greatest at conserving blood, but they should work just fine for me!'

'W-w-woah!' Bell fumbled the ball a little, clearly not quite used to trying to catch things between his stick-like legs, but still secured the catch. 'Well, I guess that explains why you're still hanging out with an oddball like me!' With the last word,
he tossed the ball back to her.

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"

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