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The little fish was certainly as pathetic looking as Chroma thought he would, but he also seemed to be far more capable tan the average magikarp. And also unlike the average magikarp, he looked as aware of his surroundings as he was. At the very least, it gave her a good idea of what his personality was like within the first couple seconds, which she admittedly hadn't expected to be able to do at all! "I don't see why not," she answered as she pulled the pumpkin ball out and unleashed its resident unto the world once more.

'I imagine that having a mouth like that would make it so you wouldn't need the clean shot in the first place,' Elen added. 'You certainly need it less than I would, and I don't need to give prey false hope to get the shot in in the first place!'

'Uhm, how about...' Edrick thought for a moment. '...the second one?'

'Alright, guess it's on us to figure something out, then!'
Bell exclaimed. 'Hmm, something we can all ddo despite our different body types, huh...?'

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