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Staring at his foe with a leveled glare, Hermes allows himself to shine with a ruddy grey energy for a moment, but before he can fully bring his attack to fruition his foe launches yet another raging torrent of water against his body. Staggering backwards, Hermes hisses, firing numerous rocks from the aura surrounding him. They smash into Honk one at a time, the Binacle clearly not appreciating the abrupt assault against his person, but he is determined to see Hermes finish the round the worse. Once again thrusting one of his hands through the air, he this time ejects a steaming stream of water, the intense heat not bothering Hermes too much - but the pain flashing throughout his system clearly does. The Roggenrola buckles for a moment, but manages to take control of himself - in time to realise a pale sphere of cyan energy was rushing towards him. He groans as he tries to evade, but his movements are sluggish, and the orb smashes into him. To make matters worse, as the pain ebbs away, a dull hum takes control of his mind. Hermes had been confused.

Hermes is confused and fast approaching critical, but he's refreshed after that round. Honk however is looking pretty tired, although he holds a strong lead, nearing the end of his second third.
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