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With both Pokemon having fallen, the trainers deliberate over who their next combatants will be, but their decisions are soon made. Grunting as he emerges, Hermes locks eyes with his foe, determined to be the winner. Honk shares his determination, the Binacle glaring back in kind. Wasting no time, the Water type thrusts one of his arms forth, managing to conjure a raging torrent of water. The attack smashes against the body of Hermes, the Roggenrola staggering under the brunt of the assault, but he manages to fight back. Quickly rushing over towards Honk, he leaps forwards awkwardly while smashing his body into his foe, the amusingly precise strike eliciting a sharp shriek of pain from Honk. The Binacle does not like this one bit, forming a small sphere of whirling blue energy between his hands and launching it into Hermes, but unfortunately for him the Rock type remains lucid. Hissing with triumph, Hermes cloaks his feet in an aura of dark brown energy, thrusting out with a skilled kick to the body of his foe. The damage is evident in the pained cry of Honk, but Hermes refuses to end there - striking out once again with exactly the same attack.

Honk hurtled into his second third this round, while Hermes is hanging at the end of his own first third. Honk is more or less fresh, while Hermes is a little winded from his three, although good for two overall. He's out of Ground energy.
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