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Wanting to continue to batter his opponent, Zole creates yet another small sphere of whirling shadows, the orb sending a dull whine throughout the arena as it grows. As it comes to it's pinnacle, Zole launches it through the air, grunting with triumph as it smashes into the body of Aite, but the Shuppet stands strong. Grinning herself, a rather manic look in her eyes, she expands an aura around herself. The sinister flickering of dark black energy gives off an incredibly ominous feeling, but Zole continues regardless. Firing his next orb into the aura, he watches as Aite falls ... before being overcome by pain himself, falling to the ground.

Aite and Zole are unable to battle!

I'll need a Pokemon from Kots, then one from Miror with orders, and finally orders from Kots.
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