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Re: Free For All Zone

Torkoal Stu Heaven Pt. 3 The Teleporter

After consulting your pokedex, you decide to run this errand for the angel. You look him in the eyes and he smiles. "Thank you," he says before commanding, "Follow me."

The walks through the door, followed by Dragonite, who glances back as if to say follow us, but you can't see outside the door because of the light. You glance down to Gretchen and get out of bed. You notice that you aren't in your regular clothes. You are in white silk pajamas. You look around for your stuff, but it isn't in the small room. You pick up Gretchen and leave.

It takes about fifteen seconds for your eyes to adjust to the light surroundings. When they finally do, you see you are outside. You are inside a square walled courtyard. You are in the corner. You see about 200 yards away, a massive statue of Arceus. In front of it a line of white energy flows gently upwards. Between you and the statue is long, yet perfectly pristine grass with a tall oak tree in the middle on the side opposite you and a pond in the very center. You see the Dragonite skim across the water coming towards you at high speeds, even creating waves from the force of its flight. When he gets close he slows and with a forward wing beat, stops beside you.

In its hands is your backpack. It reaches inside and takes out your clothes. He points back at the door you came out of. You change back into your original clothes and when you come back out, Dragonite points to his back and lets out a hearty "Dragon," as if to say "I'll give you a ride."

You and Gretchen get on the massive dragon's back, and in only a few seconds you land by the source of the stream of energy. Next to you is Gabriel. Both his cloak and your skarf are pushed back by the mysterious energy.

"So," begins Gabriel, "With this, I can teleport you anywhere. One plate is in the Gemini Sanctuary and the other is in the Temple of the Reaper. Then you'll have to find a way out before I can teleport you back. Which plate do you want to find first?"
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