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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology
That demo left me wanting more an now I can have not just more but all of it! Already put a few hours into this!

Secret of Mana
This remake looks, sounds, an plays good to me so far! Made it to the point of getting kicked outta the village an not much further. I love that you can now change directions while dashing instead of being locked into a straight line! And I set the item count max to 12 so take revenge on the originals early game being a real jerk to me for years ^_^!

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
- 00:20:43
After 3 weeks I went an did something I coulda done all along! By this point I'd forgotten what the tutorial taught me so idk how to V-trigger or anything. But its fine, playing through the SFV arcade mode on easy posed little trouble! I rolled with Rashid an it turns out he's pretty cool! The game really looks nice I gotta say! The art styles only really off-putting when seeing closeups or stills of characters. Most of the stages seem to have some interactive element to 'em which is cool!
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