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The night was indeed entertaining, yet the morrow after he had flown to stretch his wings, the Dartrix was nowhere to be seen upon his return. What he did see, however, was a spherical object, left behind by the bird, a sight that caused the crow's heart to sink. Surely in this position it was vulnerable to predation, and what young life within would not settle well outside the world with no maternal guidance. Was the female perhaps owned by a trainer? No, this would not be left unsettled. Taking great care not to crack the egg, the Honchkrow carefully took a hold of it with his talons and flew it the short distance to the building next door, a place he knew would take care of the nurturing until the child hatched. Laying it down gently, he struck the door, before taking flight once more, returning to his own home. He had a little spate of forgery to do.

OOC: Picking up my Honchkrow once more.
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