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Went ahead and purchased the CON-50 converter (which allows the fountain pen to be used old school with ink bottles instead of new school with cartridges) as well as ...

... the Murasaki Shikibu ink I've been eyeing since this thread's inception. I still haven't gotten to use my fountain pen too much. (Been using gel pens for quick and aggressive calligraphy practice in the lead up to my exam yesterday.) But I hope to get to use it more in the coming weeks, and I'm guessing it will take around 1-2 months to exhaust it of its black ink supply. Once that happens, I'll go ahead, give it a wash, install the converter, and start using the purple ink that was my very reason for buying the pen in the first place.

The pen writes very, very fine. It's been a fun experience for me insofar as it's novel / outside my element: I'm a guy who prefers a 0.9mm mechanical pencil, a 1.0mm gel pen, pretty much anything that is marketed over here as "Bold". Smallest I prefer to go is 0.7mm "Medium". The fountain pen I purchased from Pilot is a Medium, the largest they sell in the Metropolitan line out of the box; but as I've been told my countless pen enthusiasts, it's Japanese-made, and the Japanese sizes tend to be overstated by one full size. So like ... a Japanese "Medium" would be an American Fine, a Japanese "Bold" would be an American Medium, and so on. So for me who wants an American Bold ... I'm gonna have to purchase what the pen enthusiasts refers to as an italic nib, something the fancy calligraphers use when they want to make really wide/bold strokes.

Problem is, I haven't been able to find anyone who sells these nibs individually. Admittedly, I haven't looked too deeply yet, including many of the fountain pen-dedicated websites like JetPens or GouletPens or whatnot. Mostly just looked on Amazon, looked at Staples and Office Depot in person, and did a casual Google search or two. But yeah ... it's not exactly super easy to find stand-alone nibs.
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