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Search for a Specific Gel Pen Ink Shade


I want a violet gel pen. Specifically, I want the shade of the ink when dried to look much bluer than redder, to look something like this:

(the center square)

But despite the box label of Pilot Ink Gel pens having a color that closely resembles the violet shown above, the actual shade of the ink more closely resembles magenta, as seen here in between blue and red:

It's very, very pink. I don't want that. Even straight 50% blue 50% red "purple" I would be unhappy with, but this 80% red 20% blue "puuuuurple *IT'S REALLY PINK, SHHHH!*" garbage has left me unhappy.

If I try to reproduce the hexadecimal color, it's something approximating ...


So putting the two side by side ...

what Pilot has given me
what I want

So! ... Does anyone here have hands-on experience with this matter, and could recommend to me a specific gel pen which produces ink that, when dried on the paper, very nearly looks like this?
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