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Sandaa- Returning Buru to his Pokeball you head into the arcade, aware that anything could be waiting for you inside. Espy leads the way, you hope that his psychic senses would help you to locate any enemies or perhaps even the hostages. As you enter the strange establishment you realize this wasn't going to be easy for the Espeon, the flashing lights and sporadic sounds were overwhelming his senses. You make your way through the gallery of games, most of which were broken but some still worked. You come to a stop as Chad stops to admire one in particular, a game by the name of Munch-Lax. You watch for a moment as Chad has a go at the game, using the joystick he directed the Munchlax figure through a maze of treats, attempting to avoid a quartet of colourful Gastly. After a few failed attempts, Chad abandons the game and you continue your search.

Espy soon becomes accustomed to the noise and lights and eventually picks up on something. You assume it is one of the hostages as he rushes off, you quickly pursue him. Weaving through the arcade you soon find yourself in front of a huge pinball machine. Strapped to the middle of the machine is a man, who cries out in pain as a large metal ball slams into his ribs. The ball bounces of the man's ribs before rebounding off of a couple of bumpers. It then flies directly up into his crotch, causing him to cry out in sickening pain."Hang on Daniel!" Chad quickly shouts as he rushes over to the machine. He looks around for a power point and quickly finds it, pulling the plug on the machine. The ball continues to bounce around until Espy, sensing the man's pain, directs it into a hole using his telekinetic abilities. Chad climbs up onto the machine and frees the man from his bonds. His body was covered in cuts and bruises and he appeared to have a broken leg as well."What happened Daniel? Where is Grant?" Chad begins to question his tortured friend.

Struggling to speak, you have to listen closely as Daniel begins to describe what happened."After we put you in the vent, Grant managed to reset the password on some of the lockers contain the Ribs Pokemon. He thought it would help to have leverage. They brought us here and tortured us, but Grant refused to tell them the password and I don't know it. Eventually they managed to get me to slip up, I told them everything, about how we met in the tavern to plan the raid, about Grant's daughter. They said they had all the information they needed to get him to talk so they tied me up to this and left with Grant. I think they are heading back to Shanty Heights."

If what Daniel was saying was true, Grant was no longer here and now Jenny could be in danger as well, but what could you do?"
As Gary, Espy, and Chad entered the Arcade, they found the interior along the lines of what Gary expected the arcade to look like. He watched Chad mess around with a familiar looking arcade game before they proceeded further into the building. All of the lights and sounds were providing a tough distraction for Espy to maintain his concentration, but Gary had confidence in his Espeon to keep his composure. As his trainer predicted, Espy was eventually able to steel his focus and picked up on something up ahead.

Gary and Chad hurried after Espy and were soon enough taken to a man who was tied to some kind of pinball machine turned torture device. Chad immediately recognized the man, and the two of them were able to free the man named Daniel from the machine. Gary listened in as Daniel recalled the story of what had happened after Chad was able to escape their capture. Daniel finished by admitting that he regrettably spilled the location of the Drunken Druddigon and predicted that Jenny’s father was being led there by the Ribs at this very moment.

Gary’s jaw dropped as Daniel’s words played in his head. He knew that Jenny as well as the bartender and waitress would be in great danger if he didn’t act fast. It was even possible that they were already too late, having spent so much time wandering the streets in this district. They were some distance away from the bar, so the only real option of getting back there quickly was via Teleportation. However, Gary had a good feeling that Espy would probably struggle handling the load of transporting three people at once. “Look,” Gary began, facing Chad and Daniel, “We need to get back there pronto. I hate to leave you two behind but Espy and I can zip right over there and make sure Jenny and the others are safe.” In the very least, Gary was assured in leaving Chad behind with Daniel because the former was armed.

Turning to face Espy, Gary began bringing up a visual image of the bar’s kitchen in his mind. “Alright Espy, read my mind with your telepathy to get a read on our destination. I want you to Teleport us over there fast!” Espy silently nodded and began to concentrate. Gary figured that in case the Ribs were already at the Drunken Druddigon, appearing in the kitchen might give them a chance to launch a surprise attack.
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