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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post

You and Pina start to create your masterpiece on the walls of the building, looking to make something more refined than the graffiti the Ribs usually made. It wasn't that it was necessarily bad, it just didn't hold the essence that real art had. The finesse, the execution. It was mere child's play to an artist's more refined brush. The two of you working in tandem,mixing yellow and turquoise together until a scene of a Pichu and a Totodile appeared on the wall. Perhaps they were playing together, a common scene at the Daycare off of Goldenrod. Or they could be battling, two new trainers finally having their first taste of what it means to be Pokemon trainers. The aerosol cans were your medium, and the cinder blocks your canvas. With this, your mind could go free. It could indulge in it's own whimsy and majesty. It could do the wondrous word that came in many forms. Many shapes, colors, and mediums. Many different ideas that changed how the people of the world interacted with each other. It could ART.

You hear something in the distance, and turn around to see a Smeargle staring at the two of you. It slowly walked up, inspected your work, and gave out a smile. The beagle-like Pokemon then started to work with the two of you, painting a Bulbasaur in a pointillist style. It continued to dab its tail on the cinder block, seeming determined to create a masterpiece. Yet, all you saw was a green blob. The only reason it was able to discerned as a Bulbasaur was the vague shape of the bulb. The Smeargle looks at its work, and sits down disappointed. Was this a Smeargle in-adept at art? No no no this can't be right. It's a Smeargle. Yet the evidence was right in front of you.

What do you do?
As soon as the Smeargle approached, Pena stopped painting. In fact, he turned and ran, hiding behind his trainers legs. Tate watched on, fascinated, as the Smeargle worked, delighted to see a Pokémon familiar to the Johto native. As time went on -- and the work progressed -- Tate's heart fell a bit, however. The piece was... not good. In fact, it was... quite bad. Barely discernible as what it was meant to be (A Bulbasaur?), Pena's rough and angular Totodile was more true to its source material that the Smeargle. Maybe it was meant to be an abstraction? Tate felt a pang of sympathy for the poor creature when it flopped down onto the asphalt, clearly discouraged by its poor representation.

"Aw, hey," Tate broached, gentle, slowly approaching the disheartened Pokémon. "I, um... like your pointillism! I'd have never thought to try that."

Tate offered a smile, trying to encourage the Painter Pokémon. It was true -- Tate wasn't actually very artistically inclined, and didn't really think outside of the box much; the aspiring bird keeper just wanted to make pretty pictures on the side of a slummy building. Nudging the Tyrogue out from hiding, Tate continued.

"This is Pena. You know, Tyrogue aren't exactly know as creative types! But he tries really hard, and he's getting kind of good. You two should practice together. Right Pena?"

Pena looked up at his trainer, absolutely mortified by the idea of interacting with another Pokémon. He looked at the Smeargle with wide, terrified eyes, and shook his head wildly, but Tate practically shoved him at the Smeargle. Pena clutched his can of spray paint for dear life, looking at the Smeargle like it might maul him at any moment.
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