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All eyes are on you, 'hero.'

Marshal's Headquarters.

: The average trainer would see an opportunity such as this to become famous or well known, to improve their notoriety in the land, and to play the part of hero of the poor. The average trainer would enter the building, show their work and contribute to the force, and fall under two categories: justiciar of the people and saviour of some, or another notch in the slowly expanding list of homicides the force deals with. Surely under normal circumstances the average trainer would support the fight for the city under delusions of chivalry and duty, in the vain hopes that their actions are hailed across the region and fame swings their way.

You were no average trainer, however. With your position of champion rescinded, you sought refuge from fame and glory, a contrast to the Tynamo floating around you, young and full of anticipation for the future, excited to do good for the people of this suffering city. Your desires to leave your past life and experience the life of a regular trainer driving you, you figure that aiding the marshals would be the ideal swan song for the prying eyes of Kalos who adored you fanatically, while inwardly accepting the last few moments of peace you have for the time being. Taking a breath, you place your hand on the door of the headquarters, a towering fortress if ever there was one, and push forward, Vega and Polaris intrigued for their own reasons.

The door does not budge.

A label on the door reads, Pull.

You feel the weight of your error pulling you down, and a sharp hiss to emanate from Vega. No, this wasn't metaphorical, something was actively pulling you back. Almost tumbling, you stagger back as a pair of hands hauls you away from the door as a grizzled human in thick padded plating moves you out of the way, and as your attention is shifted you can see why. A sizable squadron of marshals emerges from a van with a number of sorry looking sods, each bearing some sort of insignia fashioned from a bullet, being frog-marched into the building. Vega gives a growl, not amused at the rough movement, but doesn't strike out, the Seviper recognising the figures of authority and begrudgingly holding her ground as the crooks are bundled into the building. As the last of the marshals enters, the one who had pulled you out of the way glances down at you, at least a head taller than you, a crimson streak down his face ignored, before giving a grunt.

"Shells. Been involved in some protection rrrracket, not their job to keep the citizens under 'guard' so to speak..." he grumbles, rolling his r's as he does so. "Suppose you're here to play hero or something, corrrrect? Well, here's some advice: don't. We already lost a couple of 'hot shot' kids who thought they could fight crrrime. Not rrrribs, not shells...though I'm sure that someone has something in the lost and found section inside..."

Trampling into the building, the first impression of the marshals leaves little to the imagination on their no-nonsense attitude. However, it's your choice whether you feel up to the task of something dangerous, or whether looking for somethin smaller would be more suitable.

Crystal Grove.

Missingno. Master
: The thought of running into the Claydol definitely on your mind, you opt to heed caution and take the safer option of the left path. With agreement overall, you veer left, leaving behind the shattered Sigilyph, while wondering how such a move could be so devastating.

The path winds down the street, and ventures into an underpass, which you file into with you taking the lead, Meowth behind you, followed by Amanda and Andromeda, with the Seviper taking the back. The alleys are indeed rather narrow, being only two feet wide, forcing you to shuffle slightly and the Starmie to head through sideways, which she shows slight discomfort towards, but accepts that it is better than being detected by the Claydol. The slow progress is met with occasional booms throughout the city, and leaving little imagination to the source of the booms, nor the aftermath. Shivering at the thought, you are poked by Meowth who points out a doorway, which would keep you further hidden, and the group opts to head inside.

The ruined building's interior is marked with dust, broken down stone furnishings here and there, while the stairwells are crumbled and upper floors inaccessible. Taking a moment to shake yourselves off of the cramp threatening to slow your progress, the darkened rooms are still light enough to see each other within. It is at this point that Andromeda's gem lights up once more, giving you the news that the Claydol has appeared to wander off.

"Th-that's great..." the woman whispers, still fearful and shaken given the recent happenings, "we should be fairly close to th-the stairwell out of here..."

After the brief pause, you and the group venture further, taking care to avoid the ancient slumbering remains of the prior occupants, the human bones dusty and cracked, having lain for decades or longer. Catching sight of an opening, you carefully poke your head out and look around, finding the coast is clear. Motioning them out, Meowth and Amanda exit the building, followed by the starfish and serpent, and as you get your bearings you find the exit you seek, just down the road, around the corner and up a flight of steps to an ornate archway into a tunnel. Easy. Before you can move however, Andromeda hums, her voice displaying regret and an air of urgency.

'For the love of Arceus, it's found us...'

Your heart sinks as your attention is caught from a menacing hum from the building, and swallowing hard as Meowth begins to whimper, you find hovering just above the building you were in, which has begun to take on a faint green hue that gives you the feeling of impending doom, one hate-filled Claydol, body studded with gemstones - no, you know now these are no ordinary gems, but what appear to be Z-Crystals, each one shimmering with the same green hue inside the building as the creature is surrounded by the energy of the crystals, of which the energy seems to be building up within the building. Escape would be highly advised...

Crimson Sanctum.

Gemini Spark
: The danger of discovery at hand, you opt to grab some form of disguise to blend in with the Shells, while Silas stands ready to defend you should things go south. Pinning the bullet to your breast and throwing the hat on your head, you inwardly hope that the plan works as the footsteps reach the corner and something steps round.

The something just so happens to indeed be a pair of Shells, who look at you quizzically, the awkward pause broken as you take what chance you have to give them a casual nod.

"Never seen you before," one of the spits, while the other nudges them in the side.

"They must be one of his lads. You know what sort of shit they get up to, having to ditch their pins to evade the fuzz. Look, even has the dark type they're expected to have."

"Hrmph. Whatever, just get your arse out of here back up to barracks before Chief starts asking what's keeping you." With that, the pair continue past you, clearly on patrol. Once out of sight, Silas lets down his guard, your deception successful for now. Retracing your steps, you decide to consult with whatever this chief figure is, putting Neemee to the wayside, given that the enigma, given the ghost claim, would be able to evade their sights. Heading back to the split, you head through past the cells, taking a look at each one and each occupant.

The cells by contrast seem fairly well kept, with a bed, seat and table, a small lantern - which Silas is quick to point out host a candle burning with violet fire - and some small amenities. The people within also seem relatively up to date, not in much mistreatment, and eye you with curiosity, envy and indifference. For a group potentially related to the Rockets, their prisoners seem to be kept well enough, though each one does also bear the shell insignia.

The occupied catacombs continue for some distance, with the occasional patrolling guard giving you a dock of the hat, as you seem to have fooled the crew. A staircase before you houses a thick door, and no guards are in sight. However, before you can ascend, a whisper catches your attention. Looking round, you can see one of the people in the cells beckoning you over, and the way he's looking at you gives you the impression he's aware of your ruse. It is your call whether to ignore the apparent prisoner or to continue up the stairwell into the sanctum proper.
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