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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Sandaa- With both grunts now awake and the Murkrow on the offensive, you knew you had to be more aggressive. The longer this battle played out the more chance your entire mission would be blown. The Mukrow darts in for another strike, letting out a spine tingling chaw as it approaches. It swipes its wing across Buru's chest, the Smeargle groans in pain. A lash of her tail sends a shockwave of electric after the retreating Murkrow. It quickly catches it and leaves the bird convulsing in pain.

Again the Murkrow's rage and desire for payback fuel its power, a dark aura envelops it as it rushes towards the Smeargle once more. Buru sends another Shockwave towards the incoming Murkrow but it doesn't react, even as the electricity courses through its body. Buru is sent crashing into the wall, she struggles back to her feet, the Murkrow wasn't going to get the best of her. With a wave of her brush like tail, a strange energy begins to surround Buru. You feel the temperature increase, the energy solidifies on Buru's chest, what exactly was that move?

Suddenly the Scraggy stirs, its trainer's slapping has finally woken it from its slumber. "About time you lazy little shit! Now go Headbutt that Smeargle!" The Scraggy wriggles out of its trainers grasp, dropping to the ground. It hitches up its pants, holding onto them with both hands as it rushes towards Buru, head lowered. Buru takes a strong stance, as if she was willing to get hit by the attack, what was she thinking! The Scraggy charges head first into the Smeargle's chest, striking the strange solidified plate of energy that had formed over it. The Scraggy had fallen into a trap. As soon as the Scraggy comes into contact with the plate it explodes, letting out a massive blast of fire and smoke which sends it flying backwards. The smoke fills the alley, concealing the grunts and their Pokemon from view.

You now found yourself facing two opponents and Buru was looking rather worse for wear. The sound of the explosion surely wouldn't have gone unnoticed, for all you knew more grunts could be on their way. However the explosion had also provided you with some cover to escape, or perhaps the best course of action was to finish the battle?
Gary bit his lip as Buru’s Metronome resulted in something quite more explosive than he had bargained for. The noise and smoke was surely going to attract some negative attention to the immediate area, so he knew it was imperative to wrap things up as quickly as possible. While his initial plan was to send out Tyrant the Larvitar to back Buru up, this sudden plot twist called for a different tactic. In the back of his mind, Gary would have really liked to have Buru sketch that powerful Shell Trap for later use, but time was of the essence and he couldn’t afford to waste another second.

Reaching down to his belt, Gary grabbed another Pokeball and quickly hurled it to join Buru in battle. In a brief flash of light, an Espeon appeared next to Buru. While retreat was an option, Gary figured that Chad and he probably wouldn’t get far before the grunts caught up to them. This was their turf after all. For now, Gary felt the best option was to battle them out of commission and then they could worry about their escape. “Buru, hit that Murkrow with another couple of Shock Waves!” he called out, having complete faith that his Technician of a Smeargle would be able to optimize her fighting strength. “Espy, back her up with a Helping Hand! When you sense out that Scraggy, hit it with a Dazzling Gleam!”

Gary really hoped that would be enough to finish off his opponents’ Pokemon. If the battle was over at that point, his next plan would be to plot his and Chad’s escape. His idea was to have Espy blind the grunts with a Flash so they could run away. If things got especially dicey, both Espy and Buru knew Teleport, which he would employ to get both himself and Chad out of there.
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