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Hi Bedlam Ridge! I'm picking up Deo's adventure c:


You know there is safety in numbers. Even if this stranger was disoriented and previously physically injured, you invite her to come along. At your question her hand flies to her belt, a practiced action of almost any trainer. She retrieves a Pokeball and looks at it with strained focus, as if she is trying to remember why she brought the device out. Hesitantly, she pushes the white, circular button. The ball pops open, but there is not the usual flash of light and appearance of a loyal companion. It is empty, and you can only see the mechanical inner workings.

“I guess… I do have a Pokemon, but I don’t know where they are…” Samantha says slowly. The exhausted look on her face fades into a worried sadness. She clips the Pokeball back onto her belt, then pulls herself up on the wall to stand. You notice that although her clothes were no longer bloodied, there was a rip in one of her pockets that caused it to lose its purpose.

“I’ll come with you,” Samantha gives you a faint smile, her eyes still distant. “I’m hoping that the more I look around this place…the more I’ll remember.” Once you are sure she has her bearings straight, you slowly continue down the hall. Noppera slides along the ground in front of you, keeping a shadowy claw at the ready. It is incredibly dark, and you and Samantha keep a hand on the wall to steady yourself in the darkness. The grinding noise is constant. After a few moments of walking in silence, you feel a strange sensation against your hand. At first you wonder if it might be your heartbeat, pounding so fast and loudly that you can feel it in your limbs. You realize, however, that the pulsing sensation is coming from the wall itself.

“How tight is this corridor?” Samantha speaks up. You reach your other hand out and find that you can easily touch the opposite wall with the palm of your hand. With each pulse the wall pushes against each of your hands, until you are forced to bend your elbows lest you break your arms. The grinding noise surrounds you as the walls continue to close in.

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