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(Balmund, Braix - going to be doing some more light RFing with TKF over the next few days to get to a point where we can wrap up his portion of the story)

TheKnightsFury - [Update Music]
The Gyarados glowed with a blood red aura, its eyes filled with rage and fury. The Rib grunts stepped backward at the sight of the monstrous sea creature. Several slowly retreated backwards, pulling out bowie knives from satchels around their waists instinctively upon seeing you draw your blade, ready to fight back.

The Gyarados flailed, waving its heavy tail through the air like a wrecking ball, colliding with a group of the Ribs with incredible strength, crushing them against the wall of the tunnel. Debris fell from the ceiling as the monster roared. Oliver leapt backwards and drew his gun, reloading it swiftly and cocking it, loading a bullet into the chamber.

“So, I guess we’re really doing this, then?” Ehrmantraut said, pulling out a short-barreled shotgun from his back. “I suppose we were never going to storm this outpost quietly, huh?” The detective waved his arm, cocking the chamber as he snapped the barrel upward.

A serious look crawled across Oliver’s face. “Roland - are you sure this is what you want to do?”

The corner of Ehrmantraut’s mouth curled upward in a slight smirk. “Oliver, there’s only one way to cure this city of its cancer. There are no good cops left in this city... they’re all dead. Do you know why?”

Oliver stared at him with a blank expression. “Because they were good cops.”

Gyarados flailed angrily, continuing its Outrage, smashing more grunts backward toward your group. Ehrmantraut immediately dashed forward and somersaulted across the ground. As he came out of his roll, he pumped the fore-end and pulled the trigger, blowing a hole through the Rib’s chest. Another immediately ran up behind him with a bowie knife, swinging it through the air toward Ehrmantraut’s neck, screaming ferociously in anger. Had it not been for Spartacus catching the blade with one of his scythes, the attack probably would have connected. The Scyther knocked the knife aside and spun around with both scythes poised to strike in a scissor-like motion, slicing the grunt across the stomach with a Dual Chop. The grunt fell over, screaming in agony as he grabbed the gaping wound, doing his best to prevent his insides from falling out.

Sword drawn, ready to join the battle, you hoisted the blade’s weight into the air and dashed forward toward the group of Ribs. Three of the remaining Ribs thrown toward you by your Gyarados surrounded you on each side as you drew your blade into the air and dropped it hard on one grunt’s shoulder blade, immediately causing him to drop his bowie knife to the ground, releasing a spray of blood onto your shirt. As you pulled your blade out of the wound, another grunt slashed her knife through the air and across your back, causing you to flinch in pain as blood immediately began to flow from the wound. You turned to face your attacker head on, swinging your blade wildly, fiery rage burning in your eyes.

More blood spilled across the ground as Oliver pulled pulled his trigger, betraying his former teammates and shooting the female grunt who had just attacked you point-blank in the temple. She collapsed, dead before she hit the ground. “I’m not going to let anyone kill my friends ever again,” he muttered. Ehrmantraut looked at him with wide eyes, as did several other grunts.

“Oliver… you fucking bastard! You motherfucking traitor! How dare you... How dare you betray the Ribs!” the Rib who headbutted you shouted. His face wrinkled in pure anger. More grunts began to run into the tunnel from the entryway into the outpost as well - more than you could count. “New plan, Ribs: Kill the traitor Oliver at all costs. I’ll personally see to it that whoever brings Piper his head gets the promotion of a lifetime.”

Dead bodies sprawled across the floor, the sea of grunts screamed, wide eyed and filled with rage, raising their bowie knives into the air at the sound of this grunt-leader’s command. All of them immediately turned their attention toward Oliver. Jormungand had become filled with so much rage, blinding the creature into a dazing confusion. It continued to flail wildly, and began smashing its head into the ground and ceiling, not hitting a single grunt as it began to damage itself and cause more debris to fall. It was just you, your Pokemon, Oliver, the detective, and a sea of Ribs. The lights flickered ominously, and with a terrible war cry from the Gyarados, the grunts all charged forward in unison, seeking bloodshed.
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